ControversyWhat Did Kanye West Say that Caused the Controversy, and Has He...

What Did Kanye West Say that Caused the Controversy, and Has He Apologized?

Following his recent anti-semitic remarks, rapper Kanye West has come under fire. Adidas, a corporation that makes shoes and clothing, is the most recent organization to sever connections with Mr. West, who last year changed his name to Ye.

Adidas made a statement to Newsweek stating that the company does not allow anti-Semitism or any other form of hate speech.

The deal was valued at $1.5 billion, according to Forbes. A number of other companies have cut ties with the rapper in protest at his erratic actions and remarks.

What Did Kanye West Say?

Mr. West sent a tweet on October 9 that ignited a significant uproar. I’m a little sleepy tonight, but when I wake up, I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE, said the post, which was deleted by Twitter and not retrieved by the rapper. It appeared to be a reference to the US military readiness code DEFCON.

By misappropriating the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” Mr. West, a Black artist who now performs under the name Ye, also sparked outrage by donning a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt during Paris Fashion Week.

Later, Ye stated that George Floyd died from the narcotic fentanyl and that a police officer’s knee “wasn’t even on his neck like that” while speaking on a podcast on October 15.

His daughter, whose father’s murder in 2020 served as a catalyst for demonstrations against racism and police brutality, has filed a lawsuit against him for the remark.

Has He Apologized?

kanye west controversy

Mr. West has not apologized entirely. The rapper expressed his regret for his “death con 3” tweet during an interview with Piers Morgan last week.

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Nevertheless, when challenged by the host, Ye claimed he was “absolutely not” apologetic for the comment. On October 15, the musician stated that he “doesn’t believe” in the concept of anti-Semitism.

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Banned From Twitter and Instagram

Both social media platforms have banned Kanye West as a result of the contentious posts.

When he used a racial epithet to refer to Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, on Instagram in March, he was also subject to a similar penalty. The rapper received a 24-hour suspension after the site removed the post.


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