Kaleb Cooper Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Family, Achievement & More

Few of the many characters in “Clarkson’s Farm” on Amazon Prime have garnered as much adoration as Kaleb Cooper. The farming expert has drawn viewers’ attention with his candid demeanour and expertise in the field of agriculture since he first appeared in the documentary series. Kaleb’s job life has piqued the public’s interest because it is one of the most essential components in how Jeremey Clarkson’s farm operates. Many of his admirers are also curious to find out how much money he has made over the years from his job. Fortunately, we are here to investigate the same.

How Did Kaleb Cooper Earn His Money?

After graduating from Moreton Morrell College, Kaleb began his career in the field. He established the Cotswolds-based Kaleb Cooper Contracting in 2016 while he was about 18 years old. The business provides its customers with a range of agricultural services, including disking/cultivating, topping, ploughing, and drilling. The business is also available for hiring by those with an interest in road weeping, landscape upkeep, pasture care, and hedge cutting. The reality TV star is very proud of his work, and these are by no means the only amenities he offers under his own name.
Currently, Oxfordshire and the neighbouring area in England are the only areas that Kaleb Cooper Contracting serves. After starting out with just a shed full of hens, Kaleb is aware of the need for a flexible approach to farming and does his best to offer a range of services to his clients that may be tailored to their needs. When he’s not caring for his own livestock or tending to contracted needs, Kaleb is a skilled tractor operator.

In actuality, Kaleb’s tractor talents are what introduced him to Jeremy Clarkson. Before the “Top Gear” celebrity visited the 1000-acre farm, Kaleb had worked on his property for three years and was well acquainted with the surroundings. This made Jeremy realise how demanding cultivating can be, which prompted him to get in touch with him. Soon enough, Kaleb rose to fame on “Clarkson’s Farm” and won a large following. Over 1.2 million people follow him on Instagram, and they are all curious to know more about him.
In addition to his job in the agriculture sector, Kaleb contributes significantly to Hawkstone and even has a cider named in his honor. The TV personality has started writing. On April 18, 2023, his book “The World According to Kaleb” will be made available. He is currently a manager at Clarkson’s farm, where he frequently crosses paths with his boss despite the two of them having a good relationship.

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Kaleb Cooper Net Worth 2023

We must analyse Kaleb’s several business ventures in order to comprehend his fortune. An average contractor in the sector makes $35,000 per year, beginning with his initial contracting work. Moreover, he claims to make roughly $60,000 (£50,000) from the performance each year. According to statements made by Kaleb in the media, he earns roughly 60 cents per hour from farming (50 pence). Additionally, a social media influencer with a comparable-sized following on Instagram would earn roughly $500,000 annually, while farm managers in the UK make about $50,000. Given the sum of these elements, we calculate Caleb Cooper’s net worth at around $4.6 million.

Kaleb Cooper Biography

The popular sitcom Clarkson Farm has returned for a second season along with the fans’ favourite characters, who unexpectedly rose to fame as a result of the show’s success. One of them is Kaleb Cooper, a 24-year-old farm worker who repeatedly steps in to help Jeremy Clarkson as the former host of Top Gear struggles to deal with the challenges of managing a 1,000-acre farm.

Fans are already itching for more Kaleb, and some have even begged for a spin-off in the past. The breakout star, who had barely left his hometown when the cameras started rolling, returns in the second series. “If Kaleb Cooper doesn’t get his own spinoff, I will revolt,” one user said.

One more said: “Can there be a spin-off where Caleb is transferred to other places for “business purposes”?” He’ll despise it, but it would be fantastic television.
Another added: “A spinoff of Clarkson’s Farm that sends Caleb abroad to experience various cultures needs to be produced by Prime Video.” I would see it. “He has never left his hometown.”

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Here are some essential details regarding the show’s real star that you should be aware of as the second season of Clarkson’s Farm is now available on Amazon Prime.


After receiving a Christmas Day proposal, Kaleb declared his engagement on Instagram the previous year. After six years of dating, Kaleb, 24, and Taya are now engaged.

He wrote, ” She said yes. “2022 has been an incredible year,” he continued. This truly caps things off. Sincerely, I look forward to 2023 and every year after that. Taya, you are both the love of my life and my best friend. It took a long time to get this—six and a half years to wait.


The baby that Kaleb and Taya are having in June will join their son Oscar. In November of last year, Kaleb posted a photo of the pair in front of a tractor holding a baby scan and captioned it, “So thrilled to say that baby Cooper number 2 is cooking wonderfully.”

“My main objective is to own a farm so that I can raise my children in what I believe to be the finest lifestyle—a farming lifestyle.”

Is Gerald Cooper Kaleb Cooper dad?

Another of Clarkson’s right-hand men who assists him in navigating the farming lifestyle is Gerald Cooper.
Fans may assume that Gerald and Kaleb are connected because they share a last name and both of them reside in the same area and work there.

However, a Kaleb spokesman told the Express that the two are unrelated.

Kaleb Cooper Instagram

He certainly ranks among the most popular farmers on Instagram. More than 183,000 people follow Kaleb on his official Instagram account.

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His enormous following is largely a result of his appeal to Clarkson’s Farm supporters.

If you wish to follow him on Instagram, his handle is @cooperkaleb.

Additionally, Kaleb has a TikTok channel with more than 17,000 subscribers.
Kaleb Cooper before he became famous

In addition to 1998 being the year of the tiger () in the Chinese zodiac, Kaleb Cooper was born under the zodiac sign of cancer (the crab).

The first time he went to London, he chose to stay on the bus since he thought the city was too congested.

Achievement of Kaleb Cooper

He created Instagram postings about McDonald’s in 2021 with the goal of informing his followers about how the fast food business turns used cooking oil into biodiesel.

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