Is Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Getting Divorce?

There is no need to introduce Justin Timberlake. With 32 million records sold worldwide, the 40-year-old musician is regarded as one of the most popular solo artists ever. Despite having an impressive resume of accolades, Justin decided to venture out into acting from 2008 to 2012, where he was cast in several leading parts.

He continues to play a variety of parts in acting, including the lead in the DreamWorks film series “Trolls,” but his music has arguably gained more popularity in recent years.

justin timberlake divorce

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Nearing Divorce?

Jessica Biel, Justin’s stunning wife, is also a well-known actress, though she hasn’t put as much time into it since 2017, maybe because she’s been busier with their two kids. (Their second child Phineas was secretly born during the Covid-19-induced lockdowns in 2020)

Nevertheless, other reports have suggested that the couple is on the cusp of a disastrous divorce despite what many have assumed to be a marriage made in heaven (since the couple was married in 2012)!

The “final Straw”

A source told the news source “Star” that Jessica was upset with Justin over the now-famous incident in which he was seen going too near to one of his female co-stars. Even though there was no actual physical contact between them, the incident was more than enough to spark debate.

According to the insider, Jessica didn’t care if Justin was caught acting inappropriately with his co-star or not, and she viewed the incident as the “final straw” in their romance.

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justin timberlake divorce

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Within Source?

“This is still cheating, even if Justin and Alisha weren’t caught making out. Jessica won’t accept his apology, the insider said. This is the last straw, continued the alleged informant.

However, the insider went on to say that Jessica wouldn’t stay with Justin and that his public apologies (which he issued shortly after the incident with his co-star) weren’t sufficient.

The source continued, “Justin is apologizing for what he did, and Jessica is being forced to make the decision of a lifetime.” But I know her, and she won’t stay with him, the person maintained.


But a year later, Justin and Jessica are still together and don’t seem to be planning a breakup. Additionally, despite the outlet’s insistence that Jessica and her partner were at odds over having another child, Jessica gave birth to her second son. (Another obviously ludicrous claim)

Well-known news sources have already refuted the story, pointing out that the allegations of the couple breaking up were completely false! These two well-known individuals are still “couple’s goals” in every sense of the word nine years after getting married!


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