Julia Haart Net Worth: How Did She Make Her Money?

Julia Haart is a makeup artist who is known all over the world for her work. She is thought to be one of the best-paid makeup artists in the world, and her work has been shown in magazines and on TV.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Julia Haart’s net worth and find out how she became one of the most successful makeup artists in history.

Early Life and Career of Julia Haart

In 1971, Julia was born in Moscow. She is the first of eight children. When Julia was three, she and her parents moved from Russia to Austin, Texas.

They moved again, this time to an extremely religious Jewish town in New York City called Monsey, where Julia went to a religious girls’ school that made her feel alone. As her parents became more religious, they became interested in this Haredi group.

Women were not allowed to sing, dance, or show body parts other than their hands and faces. These things could cause their soldiers to do bad things.

Haart went to school at the Bais Yakov Academy in Brooklyn. She started sewing when she was 16 and snuck fashion magazines into her Jewish home.

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At 19, she married a Yeshiva student named Yosef Handler, who was five years old at the time. Her marriage to Yosef Handler was set up, so she had to obey him and live a controlled life as a wife and mother of four.

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In the 1990s and 2000s, Julia lost hope in the Haredi community she had grown up in. The way Miriam, her younger daughter, was treated upset her. She didn’t like the strict way of life in the community and refused to change.

Julia Haart’s Way of Life

Julia Haart has a very high-class way of life. She owns a big, expensive house in Beverly Hills and a bunch of expensive cars. Julia Haart also likes to go on trips and buy designer clothes with her money.

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Julia Haart’s net worth lets her live in style, and she is often seen enjoying the finer things in life.


Julia Haart’s husband is a German businessman named Marcus Schmitz. The man and woman have a son and a daughter together. The husband of Julia Haart is also in the fashion business. He owns a successful clothing company.

Julia Haart cares a lot about her family, and she talks a lot about them in interviews.

Julia Haart Personal Life

Yosef Hendler, Haart’s first husband, had four children with her. Their names are Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam, and Aron. Batsheva was married to Binyamin “Ben” Weinstein from 2012 until they split up in November 2021.

Her married name is Haart. 1 With this change, Miriam now has the last name of her mother, which is Haart. Aron, who is in his last year of high school, takes the train between Manhattan and Monsey so he can spend time with his parents.

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In June 2019, Haart got married to the Italian businessman and billionaire Silvio Scaglia. Scaglia has been called Haart since they got married. Haart asked for a divorce in February 2022, and the next day she was fired from her job as CEO.

Haart is the oldest of eight children. His brother died in a car accident when he was five years old. Except for her sister Hannah, her parents and the rest of her siblings stopped talking to her when she left the Orthodox community.

What Did Julia Haart Do to Make a Living?

Julia Haart started her career as a teacher of Jewish philosophy right after she graduated. Back then, her strict upbringing shaped most of the choices she made in life. But after years of fighting with herself, Julia finally got the courage to follow her heart.

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She loved fashion and design, but it took a lot of courage for her to leave her small, conservative town and start a career in the fashion world.

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Julia’s life changed when she started making shoes under her own name. She did this with the help of a German company that worked with NASA and an Italian ski boot engineer.

The fact that her shoes were comfortable made them stand out from other shoes on the market. At the time, almost no other company made shoes with high heels that spread the pressure evenly across the foot.

Julia Haart’s Net Worth

It is thought that Julia Haart has a net worth of about $10 million. Since she is now Co-Owner and Group CEO of an organization like the Elite World Group, it seems likely that her wealth will only grow in the years to come.

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