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Jon Peters, a film producer and hairdresser, was born on June 2, 1945. His estimated net worth is $300 million in 2023. This article tells about the film producer and hairdresser Jon Peters’s life, including his age, height, weight, net worth in 2023, and other things. More people are familiar with Jon Peters, and he has improved his financial situation.

How much money is Jon Peters worth?

American film producer Jon Peters, who once trimmed hair, has a $300 million fortune. After being Barbra Streisand’s hairdresser and then her boyfriend, Jon Peters became well-known as a movie producer. This is difficult to accept. Over $6 billion has been produced at the global box office by Peters’ films. Since 1990, Peters has held the cinematic rights to “Superman,” which has contributed to the movie’s higher box office performance. The films “A Star Is Born” from 2018, “Cadyshack” from 1980, and “Ali” from 2001 are a few of Jon Peters’s other top hits. When he wasn’t making movies, Jon was renowned for his connections with well-known women like Barbra Streisand and Pamela Anderson. In the 2021 movie “Licorice Pizza,” Bradley Cooper played Jon Peters in a way that was mostly made up.

Name Jon Peters
Profession Film Producer & Hairdresser
Ethnicity Mixed
Age (as of 2023) 77 years old
Net Worth $300 Million


producer of Hollywood movies and former Sony Pictures executive Rain Man, Caddyshack, The Witches of Eastwick, and Wild, Wild West were among the films he worked on. In 1962, he married Henrietta Zampitella, who would become his first wife. He then married Pamela Anderson in 2020, Mindy Peters in 2001, Christine Forsythe-Peters in 1987, and Lesley Ann Warren in 1967.

Specifications Details
Name Jon Peters
Age 77 years old
Profession Film Producer &Hairdresser
Birthdate 2 June 1945
Birthplace Van Nuys, California
Nationality American
Net Worth $300 Million
Marital Status Married
Height 174 cm
Weight 90 Kg
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
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How old is Jon Peters?

Due to their distinctive demeanour, it is highly common for others to ask them about their age. The age of Jon Peters is another subject that people are searching for on various online sites. Our most recent study indicates that Jon Peters will be 77 years old in 2023.

What Religion is Jon Peters?

In most cases, internet users don’t specifically look up the religion of their favourite celebrities. However, they must also be curious to learn about Jon Peters’ faith if there is any talk of it or a need for it to be revealed. And according to the most recent information we have, Jon Peters practises Judaism.


Jon Peters became a film producer after meeting Barbra Streisand as a 14-year-old hairdresser.
In 2002, Peters sold a Beverly Hills mansion for $10.5 million. In 2009, he sold a Beverly Park mansion for $12 million and moved to Santa Barbara.

The 77-year-old ran Sony Pictures for two years alongside Peter Guber. Sony lost $3 billion due to the failure of their films. They received a $30–50 million severance payment in the mid-1990s.
Jon Peters bought Superman’s picture rights after leaving Sony. Nicolas Cage was cast but failed. Peters produced Superman Returns, starring Brandon Routh. Warner Bros. scrapped a sequel. Peters executive produced Man of Steel, where Henry Cavill debuted as Superman. Man of Steel grossed over $600 million despite mixed reviews.
Jon Peters created the 1976 and 2018 versions of A Star Is Born. He produced The Main Event, Batman, Tango & Cash, Money Train, Wild Wild West, The Witches of Eastwick, and others.

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He executive produced Caddyshack, An American Werewolf in London, Flashdance, Youngblood, Who’s That Girl?, Missing Link, Batman Returns, and others.

Who are Jon Peters Parents?

The parents of Jon Peters are Jack Peters (the father) and Helen Peters. Since Jon Peters is a well-known figure in the film producer and hairdresser industries, you may check out this information based on our most recent study. We’ll soon post more information on our website on whether Jon Peters is with his parents or not.

Is Jon Peters Married?

Our most recent data indicates that Jon Peters is presently divorced and has not recently been involved in a relationship. According to the most recent information we have, Jon Peters will not be married by 2023 and will continue to live a single life.

What Ethnicity is Jon Peters?

Born on June 2, 1945, Jon Peters is a film producer and hairdresser. According to our most recent study, Jon Peters may be of mixed ethnicity.

What is Jon Peters Nationality?

On this date, Jon Peters was born to his parents in Van Nuys, California. The correct nationality of Jon Peters, according to our most recent research, is given below if you are a fervent admirer of Peters and want to know more about it. Jon Peters is a citizen of the United States.

Height and weight of Jon Peters


If you’re one of the viewers who has been looking up Jon Peters’ height on multiple websites, you’ve come to the correct place. According to the most recent measurements we’ve found, Jon Peters is 174 cm tall.


Jon Peters weighs up to 90 kg, according to our most recent research, so if you’re one of the audience members searching for information about his weight across numerous sources, you’ve come to the right place.

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Facts & Trivia

On the list of the most well-liked film producers was Jon. She is one of the notable celebrities born in the United States, according to elit. Every year on June 2, Jon Peters has a birthday.

What happened between Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters?

The couple separated for two years before getting divorced in 1975. From 1973 to 1982, Barbra Streisand and Peters were in a public relationship and worked together. After meeting Christine Forsyth, Streisand went on to serve as godmother to his two daughters. In June 1987, Peters married producer Christine Forsyth, who would become his third wife.

Was Barbra Streisand married to Jon Peters?

By the time he started dating Streisand, Peters had already been married and divorced twice. He married (and divorced) three more times after that.In 1987, he married Christine Forsyth-Peters, with whom he had daughters, Skye, 32, and Caleigh, 33.

Why is Jon Peters controversial?

Peters was accused of sexual harassment in 2011. He was married to Pamela Anderson for only 12 days and said he fought with Steven Seagal. There have been rumours about Peters getting into fights for years, but his claim that he fought Steven Seagal in his pool stands out.

Is Bradley Cooper playing Jon Peters?

Cooper plays real-life film producer Jon Peters in a supporting role.

Who is Bradley Cooper character in Licorice Pizza based on?

2 Jon Peters Bradley Cooper gives a great performance as film producer and former hairdresser Jon Peters in the movie Licorice Pizza. He only makes an appearance in a few scenes, when Gary and Alana transport a waterbed to Barbra Streisand’s boyfriend’s house in an old van.

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