DivorceIs Joel Osteen Getting a Divorce with Wife Victoria Osteen?

Is Joel Osteen Getting a Divorce with Wife Victoria Osteen?

Joel Osteen is a well-known figure, and there are several Joel Osteen Divorce Rumors. He produced a lot of blockbusters. And serves as the head pastor of the Texas-based Lakewood Church. Additionally, his messages are aired, reaching more than 20 million viewers each month.

He also received a tonne of admiration for his inspirational speeches. Additionally, anyone can listen to him teach on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Who Is Joel Osteen?

Pastor Joel Osteen, a native of Houston, Texas, now preaches on television to a global audience. He was raised in a family of preachers and gave his first sermon in 1999.

In 2005, he was named pastor of Lakewood Church, which had been gathering in a closed feed mill. Currently, 43,000 people pay to attend his speech in person each week, and an additional 13,000,000 people watch it on television throughout the world.

Joel Osteen, who does not hold a standard divinity degree and has never studied religion in a formal setting, is a proponent of prosperity theology.

The core beliefs of prosperity theology, also known as the positive confession movement, include the following: God wills financial success and happiness for good Christians; salvation is determined by one’s faith, not one’s works; illness arises in the mind or spirit rather than in the physical body or biology; and faith, not works, determines whether one is secure in their salvation.

According to Osteen, his $50 million fortune has nothing to do with his church. He asserts that book sales are the main source of his income because he authored six best-sellers in two years, the first of which was “Your Best Life Now,” which spent more than 150 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list.

Osteen describes himself as “non-denominational,” which means he is exempt from the rules and regulations of any particular religious organization because he does not belong to one. He has been married to Victoria since 1987 despite the fact that Catholic clergy members are not permitted to be married.

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Who Is Victoria Osteen?

In Huntsville, Alabama, on March 28, 1961, Ms. Victoria Osteen was born. She and her family moved to Houston when she was two years old, and have lived there for the vast bulk of her life since then.

Victoria had a solid religious foundation from an early age because her parents were both highly involved in their local Christian churches, acting as deacons and Sunday school instructors. Victoria and Joel Osteen have two children. Jonathan, their oldest kid, was born in 1995.

A screenwriter by profession, he graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in English literature and screenwriting production. In order to give the youngsters of Lakewood Church a better grasp of Christianity and how it may be applied to their lives, he and his father are preaching to them.

Are the Joel Osteen Divorce Rumors True?

Victoria, the love of Joel Osteen’s life, and he were married in 1987 and have been together ever since. They actually provide an incentive for several couples. for their great concern and respect for one another in maintaining their relationship.

These rumors are untrue, despite the fact that they keep popping up from time to time. When Victoria Osteen claimed that they built their partnership on the foundation of unconditional love in order to maintain their connection. Instead of going through a Joel Osteen Divorce, the two of them needed to adapt to change and become closer.

They have become a dependable source of assistance due to their devotion to and duty to humanity. And inspiration for others who follow in their footsteps and find comfort and strength in their lessons.

Reason Behind Joel Osteen Divorce Rumors

joel osteen divorce

Since he is a well-known character in the public eye, Joel Osteen is not unusual. People all throughout the world enjoy rumors and wish that they were true. Because of this, some media pages believe they may leverage this vulnerability as part of their marketing strategy to grab their audience’s attention.

It’s not very good. It may have an impact on the person in ways you’ll never even comprehend. They are definitely in a loving relationship and are not getting a divorce, according to the numerous websites we looked at.

How Did Victoria and Joel Osteen Meet?

When Joel Osteen visited Victoria’s mother’s jewelry shop in 1987 to repair a watch battery, he got to know her. Victoria would later become his wife. Two years prior to their wedding, they first encountered one another in the store where she worked.

Is Joel Osteen Married?

Joel and Victoria got married on that particular day in April 1987. They had two kids: Jonathan and Alexandra. Joel made the decision to undergo a vasectomy about twenty years ago. (This will be covered in a future sermon.)

How do you feel? He received a divorce, but is that true, or is that simply another unsubstantiated rumor? In the end, the decision is yours. You can only rely on the sermons that Lakewood Church has saved.

What About that Rumor of A Divorce?

Although it is impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether he is divorced or not, we can rely on the word of reputable sources. The status of Victoria and Joel’s marriage was the subject of speculation in 2007, according to a post on LakewoodChurch.com.

These assertions are wholly untrue. Joel and Victoria have been engaging with God in various areas of personal growth.

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Joel Osteen’s Journey on Becoming a Pastor

Mid-fifties TV minister, founder, and minister Joel is situated in Houston, Texas. In 1999, he delivered his first sermon, imitating his preacher’s father. His father founded it in 1959, and he currently fills in as its main minister. He is regarded as one of the richest ministers in the entire globe.

Following his graduation from Texas’ Humble High School in 1981 with a degree in radio and television correspondence, he enrolled at Oklahoma’s Oral Roberts University. He quit school at that point because he was working on a TV program with his father at Lakewood Church.

After his father’s passing, Joel decided to run for president. Under his direction, the congregation grew to become one of the largest in the nation. Weekly administration was attended by more than 50,000 people, including celebrities and prominent people.

In the interim, his TV program has reached more than 100 countries worldwide and attracted about 10 million viewers in the United States. Joel upholds the gospel despite having no academic education and no formal training in religion or religious thought. God wants “excellent” Christians to prosper financially and experience happiness.

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