ControversyQuinta Brunson on Jimmy Kimmel: "Tomorrow, I May Be Mad at Him"!

Quinta Brunson on Jimmy Kimmel: “Tomorrow, I May Be Mad at Him”!

Quinta Brunson, the Emmy winner, seemed unfazed by Jimmy Kimmel’s humorous skit during Monday night’s awards show.

At the 74th annual Emmy Awards presentation, Will Arnett and the late-night host shared the stage. The “Bojack Horseman” alum’s performance with the two presenters included him dragging Kimmel’s ostensibly dead body across the stage.

The main aim of the performance was to make fun of Kimmel’s failure to win the variety talk program award earlier in the event. Arnett made light of the fact that Kimmel overindulged after abusing the ceremony’s bar by taking advantage of it.

Jimmy Kimmel controversy

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Viewers attacked Kimmel’s decision to stay on the stage when Brunson took the gold statuette the move caused a debate online.

Backstage, the “Abbott Elementary” star and creator spoke out in Kimmel’s defense, claiming that she didn’t find the joke offensive.

I felt like the joke didn’t affect me all that much even though I know Jimmy Kimmel. She told the journalists backstage, “I don’t know what the internet thinks… I know him… Jimmy gave me my first major late-night position and was one of the first people to see ‘Abbott.’

He told me via Instagram that he watched this comedy and believed it to be among the best comedies of all time. He also expressed his excitement that it would air on ABC.

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“So at that moment, I believe I was just overjoyed that Jimmy was up there. He’s kind of like one of the fathers of humor in my opinion. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be upset with him.

I might smack him in the face because I’ll be on his show on Wednesday. I have no idea what occurs,” Brunson jokingly said.

After winning best writing for a comedy series on Monday night, Brunson received her first Emmy. In addition to Larry Wilmore (“The Bernie Mac Show”) and Lena Waithe (“Master of None”), she is the third Black person and second Black woman to win writing for a comedy series.

Live from Jimmy Kimmel

Some of you may already be aware that Halloween was postponed in Melrose schools; reportedly, Jimmy Kimmel was also made aware of the cancellation.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel made fun of the controversy surrounding Melrose’s Halloween celebrations after Superintendent Julie Kukenberger chose to forgo them altogether.

Jimmy Kimmel controversy

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Kimmel made a joke, saying, “It seems to me that maybe Julie Kukenberger couldn’t conceive of a good costume so she ruined it for everybody.” The superintendent claimed that the choice was made to encourage inclusivity, but ever since word of the decision spread, many parents have reacted negatively.

An online petition requesting the district to rethink the decision has received more than 2,500 signatures since the decision was made public. Parents even organized a costume drive on Thursday on Melrose Town Common to make sure that every youngster had a costume to wear.

The subject was also hotly contested at this week’s School Committee meeting. The superintendent has since retracted her first declaration, and Halloween is once again permitted in Melrose’s elementary schools!

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Kimmel said, “All I know for sure is that there will soon be a lot of eggs thrown at the Kukenberger residence.

Squash Hashanah, “The Festival of Non-Terrifying, Eco-Friendly Rubber Masks,” and “Children Dress Slightly Differently Than They Normally Do Every Day” are just a few of the “alternative, non-offensive names for the event towards the end of October” he later proposed.


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