Net WorthJeremy Robinson Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Education, Interesting Facts & More

Jeremy Robinson Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Education, Interesting Facts & More

Jeremy Robinson (Attorney): Net Worth 2023 And Law Firm

New Orleans-born lawyer Jeremy Robinson has established a solid reputation for himself in Atlanta. 1

He is well-known for his work as a co-founder of The JR Law Group, a practice that primarily focuses on criminal defense and personal injury.

As a lawyer, Jeremy Robinson has a current estimated net worth of $1 million. It’s crucial to remember that he has only recently started practicing law, and his law firm was only founded in October 2020.

The JR Law Group

As previously noted, Robinson and a few other Atlanta-based silent partners created The JR Law Group together.

The law firm has only been operating for around two and a half years, so it is still rather new. But they already have a solid reputation in the areas of criminal defense and personal injury.
The law firm’s staff is modest, and Jasmine Jones serves as both the office manager and senior paralegal. Despite having fewer clients than more established organizations, they have so far been able to obtain reimbursement for every client they have taken on.

They handle fender-bender and minor injury claims in addition to the majority of their cases, which involve motor vehicle accidents or uninsured motorist insurance.

Jeremy Other Business Ventures

Jeremy Robinson has various business endeavors in addition to his employment as an attorney. Joshua Smith is the silent partner and company organizer, and he co-founded Rag 2 Riches Logistics, where he serves as CEO.

The business, which mostly deals with package delivery systems, was founded in May 2021.

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Their company’s motto, “Turning tiny capital into a million-dollar transportation business,” is in line with the lessons they provide on logistics systems in an effort to develop additional Delivery Service Partners.

The business has an Instagram account, but there haven’t been any recent updates or other details offered.

Jeremy Robinson: Who Is He?

The life of Jeremy Robinson is one of tenacity and devotion. He grew up in a terrible environment, yet he overcame the challenges and accomplished amazing things. 2

Jeremy Robinson was raised by a single mother who battled heroin addiction in New Orleans, and his early years were anything but simple.

He had committed two felonies by the time he was 16, which put him in the juvenile detention facility. Yet Jeremy was determined to change his ways, and while he was inside, he received his GED.

Jeremy joined the Marine Corps in 1995 after being released. He received multiple medals, including the Air Strike Flight award and the Combat Strike Flight Air Medal, which he obtained for his gallantry during a grenade attack in Iraq, throughout his six years of duty. He was promoted twice to the rank of sergeant.

A Bachelor Degree and Law School

Prior to enrolling in the four-year evening part-time program at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, he worked for 14 years. He also performed service at the Naval Air Station Atlanta during this time.

Jeremy gained a deeper understanding of consumer demands during his internship at a personal injury firm just before graduating in 2010. He founded the Jr. Law Group and began advocating for men rights as a result of this event.

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Jeremy Robinson and his staff at Jr. Law Group concentrate on promoting the rights of men.Several members of his staff, including himself, volunteer for numerous NGOs and other groups that support LGBTQ causes, racial inequality, and veterans of the military. Jeremy, who serves as the CEO of Rags 2 Riches Logistics, also contributes his business savvy to charity organizations.

Jeremy Robinson: Interesting Facts

1. JR and Tamar’s engagement was featured in the Queen’s Court season finale.

2. Five children call JR their father.

3. By mentioning his loved ones who had passed away, JR made a connection with Tamar.

4. JR has a background in law.

5. JR was a member of the US Marine Corps.

Is Jeremy “JR” Robinson Tamar Braxton new boyfriend? (SPOILERS)

In the Queen’s Court season finale, it is revealed that JR proposed to Tamar, who of course accepted.

What truly drew Tamar in was their shared grief, aside from the fact that he showed up with a bunch of red roses on their first date. She remarked before the first round of eliminations, “We had a moment. It was just him, the casket, and a hummingbird when he lost his mother.

About Traci Braxton, who passed away from cancer in March 2022, Tamar recalled that her sister had vowed she would return as a hummingbird. (JR’s mother also passed away from cancer.) We share her remains, and I have hummingbirds tattooed on myself and all of my siblings, so when he mentioned that, I was like, “Wow,” Tamar said.

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