Jennifer Flavin Divrorce: Sylvester Stallone’s Former Spouse Accused Him Of Mishandling Marital Resources!

American entrepreneur Jennifer Flavin is the owner of a number of successful companies in different parts of the country. She is also well-known as Sylvester Stallone’s wife, an actor, and director. She began her modeling career at the age of 19 and has posed for numerous businesses and brands.

In a number of documentary-style programs, as well as in a few movies and TV shows, Flavin has performed in character as herself. She is currently a co-owner of Serious Skin Care, a beauty and cosmetics business. This business is renowned for using the Home Shopping Network to market its goods.

The business owner is a powerful and independent lady personally. She has three biological children and two stepchildren. Spending time with her family in her free time is Flavin’s favorite activity. She also likes to go out with her pals and party. American beauty uses social media frequently.


At the age of 19, Jennifer Flavin started modeling for the Elite Modeling Agency. After that, she helped start the cosmetics and beauty business Serious Skin Care. She has been appearing on the Home Shopping Network since 1995 to promote the brand’s goods.

In addition to this, Flavin has appeared in a number of documentaries, including “American Gladiator,” “Good Day Live,” and “Hollywood Women.” Along with her husband, she was a part of the boxing reality television series “The Contender.”

The American beauty appeared briefly in the movie “Rocky V” in 1990. Although Flavin is married to one of the most well-known Hollywood actors, she has always worked to stay true to herself and pursue her own profession in spite of her husband’s enormous fame.

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jennifer flavin divrorce

Sylvester StalloneWife Files for Divorce

After 25 years of marriage, Sylvester Stallone and his wife have decided to divorce; she accuses the star of transferring assets from marital accounts.

Jennifer Flavin filed divorce papers on Friday in Florida. It’s unclear why she decided to dissolve their union, although some fans sensed problems after the “Rocky” star covered over a tattoo of Jennifer’s face on his arm.

While divorce proceedings drag on in the courts, Flavin seeks exclusive possession of their Palm Beach home.

She made it obvious that she thinks Sly is hiding marital assets as well. She claims, in the TMZ-obtained divorce documents, “According to information and belief, the Husband intentionally wasted, depleted, and/or wasted marital assets, which had a negative financial effect on the marital estate.

According to Florida Statutes, Section 61.075, equity requires that the wife get an unequal distribution of the marital assets in order to make her whole and reimburse her. Additionally, the Husband should be restrained from disposing of any assets while the case is still pending by a court order.”

Jennifer desires to have her last name, Flavin, restored. She also wants the judge to stop Sly from taking money out of the joint account. Closer Weekly initially reported the split.

Previously, Stallone had a picture of Flavin on his bicep, but more recently, he replaced it with a picture of his late dog and “Rocky” co-star Butkus.

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Stallone’s representative responded to Daily Mail’s inquiry about the motivation behind concealing Jennifer’s tattoos, saying, “Mr. Stallone sought to refresh the tattoo image of his wife Jennifer, but the results were unsatisfactory and, sadly, unfixable.”

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In addition… Jennifer posted a picture on Instagram of her and Sylvester’s three daughters along with the comment, “My daughters.” “Everything else is secondary to these girls. The four of us always.”

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