Jeffree Star Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Youtube, Car, House & More

An American makeup tycoon and YouTube sensation named Jeffrey Star has a $200 million estimated net worth.

He is among the highest-paid YouTube personalities, with an annual salary of $15–20 million. The value of Jeffree Star Cosmetics can be credited for the majority of his net worth. He also owns stock in several real estate ventures and start-up companies.

What is the net worth of Jeffree Star?

Male American YouTuber Jeffree Star also works as a cosmetic artist, fashion designer, DJ, model, and singer-songwriter. The estimated net worth of Jeffree Star is $200 million.
Even though he is one of the highest-paid YouTubers, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the cosmetics company he founded, provides the majority of his income.

He has a quirky attitude and is distinguished by his remarkable hair colour and almost beautiful skin. Also, he has numerous tattoos.

How Jeffree Star Earned His Net Worth

The annual revenue of Jeffree Star’s cosmetic business exceeds $100 million.

He himself makes between $15 and $20 million a year, with Jeffree Star Cosmetics accounting for the majority of his profits.

Jeffree was the fifth-highest-paid YouTube star on the planet in 2018 with earnings of $18 million from his business operations. Jeffree ranked fourth among YouTubers in terms of income in 2019 with $17 million earned. In 2020, he made $15 million, ranking him as the tenth-highest paid YouTube personality.

Along with him on the list were well-known figures like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Ryan Kaji, Mr. Beast, and Blippi.

In December 2019, Jeffree purchased a Hidden Hills mansion for $14.6 million, which he later sold. He also has a 70-acre ranch in Wyoming.

How much money does Jeffree Star make per month?

On average, Jeffree Star receives 4.32 million views per month on YouTube, which presently bring in about $86,400 per month in YouTube ad revenue.

On social media platforms like Instagram, where he has a sizable following, he periodically advertises his sponsorship with Louis Vuitton.

Jeffree Star is thought to earn a total of $1.7 million every month from his different sources of income.

When did Jeffree Star start on YouTube?

On February 14, 2006, Jeffree Star started his own YouTube channel. However, he didn’t release his first video, entitled “JEFFREE STAR SPEAKING JUST THE FACTS,” until April 15, 2009.
His most watched video to date is “The Full Face of Brands That Hate Me,” which was posted on July 17 and has had over 43 million views.

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His “Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson” video, which has over 34 million views, and his “We Broke Up.” video, which has over 34 million views since it was released on January 11, 2020, are two of his other well-liked videos.

He has worked closely with numerous well-known YouTubers since he first started, including the Dolan Twins, Shane Dawson, James Charles, Tana Mongeau, and others.

How much money does Jeffree Star make on YouTube?

Over 15 million people subscribe to Jeffree Star YouTube channel, which has received over 2.5 billion views. Including sponsors and his other business endeavours, Jeffree Star has earned almost $50 million from the advertisements that appear in his videos.
Note: Our YouTube Money Calculator was used to estimate the above YouTube earnings. The most important elements that have a bearing on how much a YouTube channel can earn are taken into account by this calculator.

Jeffree Star Early Life

In 1985, Jeffree Star, also known by his given name, Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr., was born in Orange County, California. When he was six years old, his father committed himself; thus, his mother, model Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger, raised him.

When Jeffree was a little boy, he played around with his mother’s cosmetics. After graduating from high school, he came to Los Angeles to pursue a modelling and cosmetics-related job. He first started wearing makeup to school in junior high. He had a passion for music as well. When he arrived in Hollywood, he began working at various makeup stations and securing side jobs at weddings and fashion shoots.

Jeffree Star on MySpace

He soon established relationships with celebrities because of his makeup abilities. Additionally, he expanded his social media fan base, especially on MySpace. One of the most popular MySpace accounts at the time, he shared songs and cosmetic tutorials, while his photo updates received tens of thousands of comments. He used MySpace as a blog, posting personal information as well as social comments on “self-image and confidence.”

He had the most connections among MySpace profile personalities by 2006. His songs frequently topped MySpace Music’s Independent Musicians lists, making him one of the site’s most well-known unsigned artists.

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Jeffree Star Personal Life

Nathan Schwandt was Jeffree Star’s boyfriend from 2015 to 2020.

Star frequently claims that she does not drink alcohol while tweeting about drinking vodka.In addition, he abstains from smoking and using hard drugs, but he does admit to consuming marijuana, which is permitted in California. On the other side, Wyoming has some of the nation’s harshest marijuana restrictions.

Star relocated to Casper, Wyoming, from LA and was hospitalised along with his friend on April 16, 2021, as a result of an automobile accident in Wyoming. He fractured his spine multiple times and suffered injuries to his back.

Jeffree Star Music Career

From a young age, Jeffree was always interested in music. In September 2009, he issued an album titled “Beauty Killer” via Popsicle Records. On the Top Heatseekers chart, the album peaked at number two. The song also reached number 122 on the Billboard 200.At one point, it peaked at number 22 on the US Independent Albums chart and reached the top 10 on the US Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Jeffree Star hasn’t put out a studio record since that time. Only four extended plays and five music videos have been published by him. On various charts, his EP “Cupcakes Taste Like Violence” also reached the top 10. He has collaborated with well-known musicians over the years, including Kesha and Nicki Minaj, and in 2010 he got a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik. The second album was never made public by him. He said that his disagreements with Akon led to his leaving the record deal and the music business altogether.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

In contrast to his music career, Jeffree Star’s career in the fashion industry has prospered. With all the money he had earned from his music and beauty careers up to that point, he created Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014. When he made the decision to invest everything in the makeup company, he was on the verge of bankruptcy and believed his singing career was over.
Fortunately, he was one of the first cosmetic artists to use YouTube to market both himself and his brand. Despite the fact that his early YouTube uploads were about music, if you look through his channel, you’ll notice that he has shifted his focus to advertising Jeffree Star Cosmetics.By utilising his friendships with famous people like Kat Von D, he increased his fan base.

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His YouTube channel has over 2.5 billion views and almost 16 million subscribers as of the time of this writing.
He sold 30,000 pieces of his first line of velour liquid lipsticks in a matter of minutes. He then introduced eye-shadow palettes, lip scrubs, and highlighter palettes. He also began to market goods. He sold apparel, mirrors, and accessories like beauty bags.

He opened his first mall-based store selling his goods in the US in 2018. However, the majority of his sales are currently fulfilled directly from his Los Angeles warehouse.

Where does Jeffree Star live?

Jeffree Star, who was raised in Orange County, California, and was born in Los Angeles County, now resides in Casper, Wyoming, on a 500-acre ranch.

After having “the craziest, wildest career so far,” he sold his $16.7 million property and moved out of Los Angeles to find some “peace and quiet.” He used to be among the most well-known YouTubers in California, which is no small accomplishment.

He spent $1.1 million on a much more modest 500-acre ranch in Wyoming, where he also maintains a herd of more than 150 yaks.

Additionally, Jeffree Star owns a sizable collection of pink and white automobiles.

His fleet of vehicles consists of:

  • Tesla X
  • Rolls Royce Wraith (Black Badge Edition)
  • BMX i8
  • BMW Z4
  • McLaren 570s
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Jeep Rubicon Wrangler
  • Astin Martin Vantage
  • Lamborghini Urus

Final thoughts on Jeffree Star net worth

Jeffree Star is a well-known YouTuber, makeup artist, and businessman who has made a sizable fortune primarily through his interests in makeup on many platforms.

With his brand continuing to expand, Jeffree Star has a net worth of almost $200 million, and we can anticipate seeing a lot more from this multidimensional businessman.

You may be guaranteed to learn about new verticals, such as yak meat or new ranges of makeup, first on his YouTube channel.

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