Is Tina Turner Older Than Her Husband, Erwin Bach?

In the movie “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” which was released in 1993, the legendary singer Tina Turner discussed her troubled marriage to Ike Turner. Grammy winner Barbara Cook, who is now 81 years old and has been blissfully married to German music producer Erwin Bach since 2013, is reveling in life and love with her younger husband.

What Is Her Age, and Where Is She Currently Living in 2022?

Tina Turner, who is 82 years old, currently resides in Switzerland with her husband, Erwin Bach. In January of 2022, Turner and her husband made the purchase of a waterfront mansion on the eastern side of Stafa that cost 76 million dollars and faced Lake Zurich.

Chateau Algonquin in Küsnacht, which is located on the banks of Lake Zurich, has been her home since the year 1994.

Despite having been born in Brownsville, Tennessee, Turner emigrated from the United States in the year 1994. During that year, she uprooted her life and moved to Zurich in Switzerland.

In November 2013, she decided to give up her citizenship in the United States for good, and she is now a citizen of Switzerland (she speaks fluent German and English).

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Tina had kept releasing music on occasion even after she had officially retired from the music industry in 2009, following the conclusion of her “Tina! 50th Anniversary” tour.

Turner has also been forced to contend with several significant health issues, including a stroke, colon cancer, and kidney failure. In 2017, Turner was transplanted with one of her husband’s kidneys.

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In October of 2021, the twelve-time Grammy winner made a deal to sell her music rights to BMG Rights Management for the sum of $50 million.

Tina Turner is 16 years older than Erwin Bach

Following the dissolution of her marriage to Ike Turner in 1978, the singer known as Private Dancer spent several years concentrating on personal recovery as well as her professional endeavors.

Turner described the day in 1986 when they had their first encounter with one another and how she had fallen in love with Bach at first sight.

In her book, Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good, Tina Turner writes, “The day I first met Erwin, at an airport in Germany, I should have been too tired from my flight, too preoccupied with thoughts of my concert tour, and in too much of a hurry to get to my hotel to pay much attention to the young music executive who came from my record company to welcome me.”

“But I did see him, and very immediately I felt a connection on an emotional level.”

Turner mentioned that she went against her immediate response to pull back and instead made a conscious effort to learn more about Bach, who is 16 years her junior. Bach is the subject of the conversation. The relationship between the two developed rapidly.

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The singer from Proud Mary made the observation, “Even back then, I could have ignored what I felt.” “I could have listened to the ghost voices in my head telling me that I didn’t look good that day or that I shouldn’t be thinking about romance because it never ends well.”

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“I could have listened to the ghost voices in my head telling me that I shouldn’t be thinking about romance because it never ends well.” Instead, I went with what my gut told me to do.”

Tina Turner Husband

Tina Turner wed her spouse Erwin Bach, who was sixteen years her junior, at Lake Zurich in 2013 after the couple had been together for 27 years.

In 1986, Turner began a romantic relationship with Erwin Bach, a music executive from Germany. Bach was sent by her European record label to meet her at the airport when she arrived.

She wrote the book “Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good” and dedicated it to her spouse, in which she expressed her adoration and devotion to him.

Before it, Tina spent the previous 16 years of her life married to her ex-husband, Ike Turner. The couple divorced in 1978.

Raymond Hill, who played the saxophone for the band Kings of Rhythm, was the other person she dated during this period.

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