The Ultimate Guide to Picking an Effective Name For Instagram

Choosing the ideal blog name might be difficult. This can be assisted by coming up with blog name suggestions, but it’s a process that involves many variables.

It would be nice if you could come up with a clever phrase that perfectly describes what your site would be about. However, you don’t want to choose anything that won’t perform well in search results or be very restrictive.

Even worse, you can choose something that lacks the appropriate social media handles or an available domain.

This article will explain how to come up with blog name concepts and the procedures you need to follow to come up with the ideal blog name. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a decent blog name before we continue.

How Do I Choose a Good Blog Name?

Similar to picking the ideal domain name, giving serious thought to your blog’s name is necessary.

A suitable blog title would be:

  • Memorable enough to be noticeable
  • pertaining to the goods or services the company is selling
  • distinctive compared to competing for blog names

Making the wrong choice of name can end up costing you money. If you later decide to change it, you forfeit the branding prospects you might have been developing up to that time.

You will also need to spend money on a new logo and re-engage your audience with the new brand.

Today, there are more than 600 million blogs published worldwide. Make sure your blog has a unique name that sticks out while remaining loosely related to your brand.

Take Banknotes, a blog for the creator marketplace Hashtag Paid, as an illustration. To boost sales, the company pairs artisans with companies.

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Read on and find a perfect name for your blog 🙂

instagram name style

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1. Foodie Fashion Blog Names

Pick your favorite fashion related item and a dessert-type food, place both together:

  • Sugar Plums and Saddle Shoes
  • Cheesecake and Charm Bracelets
  • Animal Crackers and Couture
  • Peplums and Pineapples
  • Manicures and Extra Frosting… Please
  • Braids and Brownies Blog
  • Models and Macaroons
  • Lipstick and Lemon Drops
  • Celine Bags and Sour Skittles
  • Kate Moss and Candy
  • Polka Dots and Popcorn
  • Fashion Pancakes
  • Fashion Toast

2. Local Fashion Blog Names

Throw a shout out to where you live:

  • Buschwick Babes
  • Parisian Popsicles
  • Western Motion Life
  • Finding Frocks in Fargo
  • Blue in Dubai
  • Kansas, I Love You
  • T-Shirts in Tennessee
  • Hamptons Hippies
  • Austin Style
  • Sassy Seattle
  • A-line in Alabama
  • Meet Me on the Intersection of Main Street and Style
  • Lace in Louisiana
  • English Rose Garden Forrest Flowers
  • Hippies Head Home
  • Chic Le Little China
  • 5th Avenue Lifestyle

3. Fashion Blogger Name Ideas

Add -ista to the end of a word often used in the fashion industry:

  • Chanelista
  • Diorista
  • Anna Dello Russo-ista
  • Gypsyista
  • Jet Settista
  • Manicurista
  • Audrey Hepburnista
  • Sparkle-ista
  • Creative Fashionista
  • Parisianista
  • Romancinista
  • Hippy-ista
  • Rouge-ista
  • Lipstickista
  • Pin Stripe-ista
  • Karl Lagerfeldista
  • Choupettista (I went there.)

4. Creative Fashion Fashion Blog Names

Have a creative fashion blog? Give yourself a quirky name. Go ahead, give it to yourself. Isn’t that how cool nicknames really start?

  • The Crispy Lipstick
  • Pristine Polly
  • Jackie O.’s Twin
  • The Aristo-chic
  • The Couture Creature

5. Cute Random Fashion Blog Names

Combine the word “Fashion” with another random word:

  • Fashion Vitamins
  • Fashion Bloggers Alert
  • Fashion Frosting
  • Fashion Giraffe
  • Fashion Crisco
  • Fashion Ninja Turtles
  • Fashion Sushi
  • Fashion Haley Joel Osment
  • Fashion Rainbowz
  • Fashion Folk Tales
Use this domain name generator to see if the blog name you want is available right now!

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6. Fashion Question Blog Names

Ask a question about things, people:

  • How Do You Wear That?
  • When Do You Wear That?
  • Why Do You Wear That?
  • Who’s Hat Is That?
  • Where Did You Come From?
  • How Many Dresses Do You Own?
  • What’s Your Favorite Color?
  • How Many Models Do You Know?
  • Who Wears What When They Go Where?
  • WTF is Fashion?
  • Wait, What?
  • Are You Talking To Me?
  • What’s That Smell?
  • What Are You Looking At? Take A Picture Already, Jerk.

7. Nature and Animals Fashion Blog Names

Pick an animal, then incorporate that animal into an aesthetic:

  • Fox Trotting Through Brooklyn
  • The Butterfly Flies Beautiful
  • The Lovely Llama Guide
  • Cat Backpacks
  • lifestyle Owl
  • Cats with Kittens… in Dresses
  • Seagull of Style
  • Otter Spotter
  • Street Style Snakes
  • City Street Cub

8. Vogue Fashion Blog Names

Vogue and… [random object]:

  • Vogue and Vagabonds
  • Vogue and a Picnic
  • Vogue and Vibes
  • Vogue and Whispers
  • Vogue and Puppies
  • Vogue and Shooting Stars
  • Vogue and Graham Crackers
  • Vogue and Sunglasses
  • Vogue and Disco
  • Vogue and Vogue

9. Design Fashion Blog Names

Something having to do with style or design. Really, it could be anything:

  • Beauty Spring Roll
  • Style Hamster
  • Respect Wear
  • Design Queen
  • Fried Fish Look

Alright, alright… I get that some of these names are totally ridiculous, but the point of this article is to wake up and be creative! Your blog name doesn’t have to be too complicated, and you shouldn’t be a blogger cliche or a copycat. Come up with your own title that portrays YOU.

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