In-Person and Online Programs Set Launch House Apart Under Brett Goldstein’s Leadership

Entrepreneurs looking to make a deep dive into their ideas and take their business to the next level are turning to Launch House as their accelerator of choice. Structured differently than other available programs, Launch House is headed up by CEO and co-founder Brett Goldstein — along with co-founders Jacob Peters and Michael Houck — who knows a thing or two about incubator programs and startups. Goldstein kicked off his career working for Google in its mergers and acquisitions division, looking into new technologies and sitting at the forefront of both direction and decision-making for the company’s latest brands. Today, he helps other inventors meet their matches with full-service networking, immersive creativity sessions, and practical business guidance along the way.

That immersive experience starts with a combination of in-person and online programs that differentiate Launch House from others in the space. Providing safe, constructive places for people to come together and collaborate, bounce ideas off one another, and grow their projects outward is just one of Launch House’s trademark approaches. Physical locations have included residences in Tulum, Mexico, Beverly Hills, California, and New York City, putting attendees at the center of a community of founders and creators.

Goldstein compares the work that members do as a part of Launch House to the Harvard reading period, which is a time on the school’s schedule after classes end and before final exams start, during which students are left to reflect, rest, and review what they’ve learned during the semester. The result of the extra free time can be the creation of both innovative ideas and intimate connections. Having unstructured time available to daydream and wonder about their original ideas helps entrepreneurs flesh out their concepts and find alternative avenues to pursue.

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Launch House follows this example of fairly unstructured learning and exploration during each cohort’s one-month tenure. Members are encouraged to work on their companies all day, every day, tapping into one another for a fresh take on a concept and building deeper connections with like-minded individuals. The added value of Launch House is found in the sessions, courses, and content it provides to help the would-be entrepreneurs engage in areas of their business that might be unfamiliar to them, such as fundraising, ideation, growth, and customer acquisition.

Members are encouraged to participate in a number of networking sessions with one another and the community at large. Launch House brings in special guest speakers and lecturers from the industry to teach micro-courses to motivate, empower, and inspire each cohort. Coach-led peer groups, co-working environments, and access to a library of resources help members grow as individuals and leaders. Founder’s Circle sessions bring everyone in the group together to share ideas and host additional speakers who casually interact with the startup leaders and offer their insights for their developing companies. Members also come together at intervals to build connections and learn how to understand their audience in a variety of settings, from more serious brainstorming sessions to less formal game nights.

In contrast to traditional accelerators, Launch House offers its online-only digital fundraising program. This includes all of the benefits of the in-person offerings with the flexibility of joining from anywhere, at any time. Members have access to events, workshops, sprints, and mastermind groups as well as community breakout groups. Leveraging a technology suite that includes Discord and the metaverse, digital programs are helping Launch House reach more founders more quickly to make an impact on the industry.

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The model for joining Launch House is different from a typical accelerator program. Rather than requesting equity in participating companies, members are asked to pay a fee to learn from experts in the field regarding fundraising tactics, including steps starting with developing a pitch deck and how to reach out to investors. Program fees help cover participation for in-person and online programs, but the company also offers grants for underrepresented founders.

The company prides itself on providing a fun atmosphere for more than just business development. “I usually describe Launch House as a community for startup founders to help them do two things, level up and live better,” Brett Goldstein explains. “Leveling up is obviously all about helping you achieve your business goals, career goals and all that. But living better is about mental and physical health. It’s about personal fulfillment.”

Both the residency and online programs have included peer support groups geared toward providing members with an outlet for their creative ideas as well as their emotional struggles. Launch House wants its members to have the space to achieve their business and career goals, but they also want members to grow personally, experience fulfillment, and improve their physical and mental health.


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