9 Simple Ikea Desk Hacks to Increase Productivity

There’s nothing like a bland, dreary workstation to make you less productive. To make the most of your home office, though, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or even have a lot of space. Take a page from the IKEA hack manual and forego purchasing a new standing desk and a Herman Miller chair.

Yes, it is possible to hack your way to a more effective and productive workspace. These ideas demonstrate how everything you need to build a fantastic desk that is both comfy and functional can be purchased at IKEA with just a single trip.

A Larger Workstation

This workstation, which would be ideal for two adolescents or roommates, should be added when two desks exceed their maximum amount of space. The extra tabletop serves as both a boundary between the work zones and additional space to spread out when necessary.

ikea hacks office

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Small Spaces Floating Desk

If you have a small amount of space available, floating desks are the ideal solution to make the most of it and turn it into a useful workspace. These two workstations are attached to the wall, freeing up space for additional uses of the area.

An Effective Extra Workspace

For individuals who need a little extra space but like a minimalist look, this Ikea desk is perfect. When more work needs to be done, just bring it out, and when you’re done, put it back beneath the desk.

Build a Two-Person Desk.

Holly and Brad Lauritzen arranged three grey ALEX drawer cabinets in a precise pattern to form a modern workspace for two, and they were topped with beech GERTON tables. This desk is more functional thanks to storage compartments for white file folders and decorative components like chalkboards.

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A Clever Desk Design for Limited Spaces

Use this Lauren Koster guide to learn how to fit a desk in a small area, such as a studio or an already-crowded family room. She just stained the timber and added hairpin legs before covering the shelf, which conveniently has two drawers built in.

A Vibrant, Non-Painting Option

The blogger at Lovely Indeed, Chelsea Foy, joined HILVER table legs to a LINNMON table top to make this amazingly creative desk. She then added a set of Micke drawers for storage. The next step is what truly distinguishes this DIY, though. Foy decorated each drawer after the desk was entirely put together with bright adhesive vinyl.

An Organised Solution with Plenty of Storage

ikea hacks office

The enormous desk would make a striking focal point in any home office, but the main appeal is the abundance of storage. Jennifer Flores made use of the vertical space by mounting EXPEDIT bookcases to the wall above the workstation in order to conserve floor space in a limited location.

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A Modern Desk that Seems Built-In

In her garage apartment, Emily Lex created a workspace for two people out of three IKEA desks, a wooden countertop, and some attractive brass handles. The end product is a modern, comfortable office that seems custom-made.

A Study Area Suitable for Children

To create an exceptionally flexible workstation for study and crafts, Steph Bond-Hutkin combined some very basic items, including a LINNMON desktop, a peg board, and BEKVAM spice racks. She then added a splash of mint green paint (Taubmans’ Sweet Pea) to give the desk plenty of sass.

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