iHeartRadio: How To Use It, Everything You Want To Know!

iHeartRadio is so much more than simple radio-playing software. You may save your favorite stations, make playlists, and more in addition to listening to podcasts.

The app’s plethora of options lets you personalize your listening experience. Both the free and paid editions offer several options for various listening experiences as well as tools to make your time using the app more enjoyable. Let’s look at it!

Learning Your Preferences


The iHeartRadio app will ask you what you enjoy when you initially download it. You will be given a list of musical categories as well as suggestions for other audio content, such as podcasts and news.

It’s time to choose your strategy once you’ve decided what you prefer.

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Paid Versus Unpaid Listening

There is basically no reason to go beyond the free option if the occasional advertisement doesn’t annoy you. However, there are several aspects that you might overlook. You can only skip past tracks a certain number of times, for instance. Additionally, you cannot make your own playlists or download music to listen to later. If you don’t care about it, the free version is a fantastic choice.


IHeartRadio Plus has a one-month free trial period and a monthly subscription of $5.99. This edition enables unlimited song skipping, on-demand album and song playback (similar to Spotify), and the ability to save and playback radio-played tracks.

You may subscribe to iHeartRadio All Access for $12.99 per month. Everything from the first two tiers is included, plus the option to download music for offline listening and the creation of personalized playlists.

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You Can Listen to Live Radio, of Course.

Yes, yes, yes. There is a live radio listening option on iHeartRadio. And it’s a little more practical than you might have thought.

You can certainly tune in to some of the same radio stations you do when driving to work. However, iHeartRadio offers stations that are focused entirely on a single artist. This is comparable to what you might hear on XM radio, but iHeartRadio is entirely free. Do you feel like listening to Post Malone? He has a channel all to himself on IHeartRadio!

Recommendations Based on Your Preferences

You may receive friend recommendations on Facebook for people you don’t even know. You get offers for bands and stations on iHeartRadio that you’ll definitely recognize and enjoy!

When you first download the app, you’ll receive a tonne of recommendations so you can start listening right away.

Make a Collection of Your Favorite Podcasts and Music.

You can store a station in the Your Library tab if you find one you like. Additionally, the app will generate a unique station featuring the music and performers you enjoy most.

Under the Podcasts menu, you can also subscribe to and save podcasts.

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Tell Your Friends About It!

Have you ever begun listening to a song while driving that perfectly captures your morning? Although you’d want to look up that music on YouTube while you’re driving, you just can’t. Fortunately, you can share songs, artists, podcasts, and more directly from the iHeartRadio app.

You have a tonne of sharing possibilities with iHeartRadio, which just makes everything better. You may share directly through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, and even WhatsApp in addition to copying the URL.

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Remember to Sing the Lyrics


Even though it’s a tiny feature, it’s entertaining and worth highlighting. You may access the song’s lyrics by selecting the Lyrics tab while the music is playing.

If you want to sing along with the music or show your pal that Jimi Hendrix isn’t actually saying, “Excuse me while I kiss this guy,” this is entertaining.

Finally, IHeartRadio has a tonne more features than Pandora, although sharing many of the same ones. For the low cost of free, it’s undoubtedly a one-stop shop for all of your listening demands, and it’s worth your time.

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