CelebrityHuw Edwards Slurs; Is He Ill? Was Huw Edwards Bedridden by Depression?

Huw Edwards Slurs; Is He Ill? Was Huw Edwards Bedridden by Depression?

The slurring of Huw Edwards on live television drew many people’s eyes. After his recent confession of his mental illness, his audience has become concerned about his well-being.

BBC broadcaster Huw Edwards has recalled how during his darkest attack of depression he was unable to get out of bed.

News at Ten hosts has been open about his struggles with mental illness for over two decades.

He has told Men’s Health UK that his depression comprises anxiety and tends to “strike in a powerful wave” and then go away.

The journalist, now 60 years old, admitted, “I’m very convinced that I have suffered – and do suffer from depression.”

Why Is Huw Edwards Slurring? Inability to Express Thoughts Clearly

huw edwards illness

While Huw Edward was slurring on a show, the internet began to fill with comments about his difficulty pronouncing particular words.

CPS ThinkTank director and Sunday Times columnist Robert Colvile tweeted that Edwards still has trouble pronouncing Badenoch. However, he did note that Chris Mason was right.

For the BBC’s hour-long BBC News at Five programs, he covers national news events. As a result, it came as quite a shock to the audience. Increased levels of worry have led individuals to question whether or not they are experiencing a medical condition.

But he has spent a lot of time in the media, notably as a journalist, newsreader, and TV personality.

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Forcing One’s Way Through It

huw edwards illness

“At least I can anticipate when I’ll enter one of those periods where I won’t feel like doing anything and will be unable to make a decision.

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“You feel dreadful about activities you normally look forward to. You show up to work and perform your duties in a professional manner, but you feel like you’re just trudging through it.

After admitting that he finds the nightly news “taxing,” Edwards has stated that he is pondering his future as the host of the main news program.

Members of the workforce candidly discussed their own trials and tribulations

When asked by BBC journalists Jane Garvey and Fi Glover about his depression, the News at 10 presenters said, “it’s not as terrible as it was.” He has been experiencing depression since 2002.

Edwards was asked if he finds it easier to discuss depression now that it is more openly discussed, and he responded: “My silence on the matter for the past two decades suggests yes.

“As someone who was obviously interested in and invested in the field of mental health, I found it hypocritical of me to donate to organizations like The Shaw Mind Foundation, Mind, and others without explaining my motivations. It just seemed wrong to me.”

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He described the reception as “surprising” and “very overwhelming.”

Adding, “Clearly there are thousands of individuals out there that are battling with mental health difficulties and they don’t really talk about it, especially guys actually.

“It was also amazing to me how many people in the newsroom, both male and female, and of all ages, came up to me and said, “I was a bit startled that you said that, and honestly I’ve been dealing with my own things for the previous few years.”

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You work with people. You believe you know them, but you don’t really because you don’t discuss these things. I thought that was rather a useful thing since I didn’t know.

Currently Have No Plans to Leave the Media Industry

huw edwards illness

Despite Edwards’ partial critiques of the BBC’s early reaction to his honesty, he stated that he still enjoys his employment and has no intention of leaving.

What he actually said was: “In light of what I’ve just stated about the BBC, I don’t feel that it’s really up to me, even though I could easily resign if I so desired.

“In any case, I believe that I can succeed at work so long as I find it interesting.

To paraphrase, “If I feel that I am no longer enjoying it or that I am desiring a change, and occasionally you do feel that, I will think about going on.”


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