IllnessHugh Bonneville, a Star of "Downton Abbey," Is "Unrecognizable" After Losing Weight

Hugh Bonneville, a Star of “Downton Abbey,” Is “Unrecognizable” After Losing Weight

Hugh Bonneville, who is better known to many as Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham from the acclaimed television series Downton Abbey, no longer resembles the 20th-century nobleman he portrayed.

The former Downton Abbey star has recently been spotted out and about, and it’s obvious that he’s working on his fitness!

Hugh Bonneville, Star of “Downton Abbey,” Discusses Ageing and Audience Reactions:

On the well-liked drama series Downton Abbey, Mrs Patmore (played by Lesley Nicol) and her assistant, Daisy Mason, prepared multi-course meals for the affluent Crawley family (played by Sophia McShera).

When you watch the series, you’ll frequently see the family dining at their estate in the Yorkshire countryside while having domestic help serve them.

The ensemble of Downton Abbey received three Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Ensemble throughout its run from 2010 to 2015.

Although Bonneville referred to Downton Abbey as “Total Escapism” in a 2019 SAGA interview, he acknowledges the programme had a big fanbase that cut across a wide range of political and cultural frameworks.

When he rereads letters from Downton Abbey viewers who claim the programme helped them get through terrible times, the actor admitted he may easily become upset.

He cited several letters that stated, “Downton reminds me of when my gran died.” “… Even though it is imagination, it is nonetheless within memory’s grasp. It is the generation of my grandparents.

In the same interview, Bonneville also discussed the ageing process he is experiencing. “I have no problem ageing. He said, “I wish things didn’t creak quite so much. Bonneville’s age doesn’t appear to be slowing the Downton Abbey actor down, creaking or not.

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In “The One Show” Interview, Hugh Bonneville’s Followers Are Astonished by His Weight Drop:

During this year’s quarantine, Bonneville reportedly made the decision to lose weight in order to boost his health.

The actor, 56, was spotted walking this month in Hampshire, southwest of London, according to The Mirror. Hugh Bonneville appears unrecognisable as he parades his spectacular weight reduction in stylish summer attire, according to the publication’s Twitter account, who is sporting a pair of cargo shorts and a baggy button-down top.

The Downton Abbey actress recently made an appearance on The One Show on British television. On the Zoom call from his house, just his head and shoulders were visible, but on Twitter, admirers responded to his appearance and dramatic weight loss. When they first saw the actor, they hardly recognised him.

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The ‘Downton Abbey’ Star Lost Weight in What Manner?

hugh bonneville illness

In the past, Bonneville has disclosed a diet and workout regimen that have helped him lose weight. According to Express, Bonneville said that his wife Lulu Williams told him: “You’re as heavy as a pig” when he finished filming the BBC miniseries Bonekickers in 2008.

He reportedly employed a personal trainer at the time, cut back on food amounts, and consumed fewer carbohydrates to lose weight. It was more of a “lifestyle” adjustment for the Downton Abbey star than a temporary diet.

Although Bonneville hasn’t revealed how he recently lost weight, a shorter haircut also matched his new appearance.


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