How Tracking Software Can Improve Horse Racing Industry

Technology is constantly making changes as to how we can live our daily. That has been more noticeable in sport over the past ten years, with all major sports now adapting different forms of tech. However, how it has been received has differed depending on the sport.

Soccer fans still find it hard to come to terms with the Video Assistant Referee, with many speculating whether it is actually making the sport less entertaining.

But, sports such as tennis and rugby have both correctly adapted to the use of technology, and it has made for fairer games and has been welcomed by fans, players and coaches. Horse racing is often a sport that many believe has been stuck in the past for far too long, but technological advances have been made, including the use of tracking software.

What Is Tracking Software?

Tracking software has already been successfully applied in horse racing, with many fans unaware that it is being used at virtually every track across the world. This form of technology enables trainers and vets to quickly get data based on the horses performance, both in races and training.

This includes information about the speed that the horse is travelling at, and the heart rate of each of the horses involved in the race. The importance in this tracking software is hard to downplay, as it puts the health and safety of each of the equine stars in the race at the top of the agenda.

How Important Is Tracking Software?

Tracking software is arguably one of the most important advances made in horse racing in recent memory. It helps trainers and vets to keep closer eyes on all their runners, and examine what is happening inside the body. That can help pick up on factors that would go otherwise unmissed from the naked eye. The technology can help identify any long-standing health issues that may have been missed, and these can quickly be addressed to ensure that the horse is more at comfort when they next race.

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From a racing perspective, the tracking can also help pinpoint points of the race where the horse’s performance drops, and this information would then be crucial for jockeys when they are next onboard. They can then tell at what points in the race needs work in order to get the very best from the star on their next run. Tracking can also help identify horses that are working too hard in the early parts of the race, and help assess what strategies can be used to store energy for the important stages of the biggest races on the calendar.

Other Forms Of Horse Racing Tracking

While the above-mentioned examples are used across the world, there have been other forms of horse racing tracking technologies being used to help increase audience knowledge.

This is something that has been readily used in the United States throughout 2022, and is something that Swedish racetracks have been increasing throughout 2022. This form of tracking will see all horses fitted with technology that will then be beamed onto the screens of viewing spectators so that they can see where their runner is throughout the race.

This form of technology has already helped many bettors, who are looking for the best horse racing bonus, to keep up to date with their horses’ progress during races.

Still, it is expected that further developments will happen throughout next year based on the pilots tested by Swedish tracks. In the future, we could see these visuals on the screen including the colors that the jockeys are wearing, and it could also be displayed in a 3D format so that viewers can see the angles that their runners are taking into the final stretch of the race.

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As yet, this is something that British and Irish racing hasn’t shown much of an interest in adopting, but it could be very useful for the races that take place on the flat.

What Other Technological Advances Have Been Made In Horse Racing?

While horse tracking may be one of the most important advancements made in the industry, it is by no means the only technological advancement in the sport over the past couple of years.

There has been an extra emphasis on data for many years in racing, and this has been mirrored by the fact that trainers and fans can now get up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and going updates on their phones.

Furthermore, advancements made in the health sector mean that MRI scans and x-rays are also more accessible for horses. From a racing standpoint, the photo finish has been another area of the sport that has improved following technological advances, as viewers can now clearly see the winner even if the margin is by the narrowest of margins as the finish will be caught in high definition quality.


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