In an Effort to Accept Her Pregnant Physique, Heidi Montag: I’m Attempting Not to Immediately Step on The Scale.

While expecting her second boy, Heidi Montag is staying off the scale.

With her husband Spencer Pratt, The Hills alum, 35, is already a mother to their 4-year-old kid Gunner. But Montag is revealing her lax approach to her changing physique just one month after she made her pregnancy announcement.

She explained to US Weekly that her appetite had increased significantly because the baby required so much more nutrition. “I make a big effort to eat largely full, healthy foods, which I adore, but I’ve noticed that I’m eating more spaghetti and toast lately.

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It is also rather surprising coming from a diet that is more carnivore-based. … I’m trying to resist the urge to just step on the scale. Let’s just eat as healthfully as we can and not worry about what the scale says, I’m like.”

Heidi Montag was keen to announce how much weight she had gained in the first six months of her pregnancy when she was expecting her first child back in 2017. She’s more intent on enjoying the experience than anything else after battling to conceive once more.

She said, “I simply want to be comfortable because this might be my last [pregnancy]. “The thought of gaining too much weight and becoming uncomfortable or less effective is probably what gives me the most anxiety. I’m therefore just attempting to strike a balance between not feeling any pressure at all, exercising as much as I can, eating whatever I want, and simply enjoying the pregnancy. I keep having to remind myself of that.”

Montag revealed that, aside from how her body is altering, she is working hard to change her routine with Gunner in order to get ready for a younger sibling.

“In order to be able to tuck him in every night, as he usually requests, I’m attempting to incorporate Spencer into my plans and create better routines for him. Spencer enters after I’ve completed a good portion of it “says she. “Before the kid arrives, there are some things we need to reevaluate. … At the same time, I’m feeling a little anxious, happy, and nostalgic.”

Fortunately, since the baby is due in December, they are not in a rush.

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