Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Rape in Los Angeles

Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape at a trial in Los Angeles. It took the jury nine days to decide that he was guilty.

Monday was the last day of the former movie producer’s second criminal trial. The nine men and three women on the jury gave their verdict.

Weinstein, who was 70, was charged with two counts of forced rape and five counts of sexual assault by four women in Los Angeles between 2005 and 2013. He had said that he wasn’t guilty.

He was found guilty of rape, oral coitus forcé, and sexual misconduct with a woman named Jane Doe 1 in court.

The jury couldn’t decide on a number of charges, including those against Jennifer Siebel Newsom, who is married to California Governor Gavin Newsom. The jury said it couldn’t decide what to do about her claims and the claims of another woman. On those counts, the judge called a mistrial.

Documentary filmmaker Ms. Newsom told the court that Weinstein had raped her in a hotel room in 2005.

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Ms. Siebel Newsom said in a statement, “Harvey Weinstein will never be able to rape another woman.”

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“He will spend the rest of his life where he belongs, behind bars. Harvey Weinstein is a serial offender who did rape. During the trial, Weinstein’s lawyers used sexism, misogyny, and bullying to try to scare us, put us down, and make fun of us.

“This trial was a stark reminder that we as a society have a lot of work to do. I see you, I hear you, and I stand with you.”

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Gov. Newsom said in his own statement that he is “so incredibly proud of my wife and all the brave women who came forward to share their truth and lift up countless survivors who cannot.”

Mr. Newsom said, “Their strength, courage, and conviction are a powerful example and inspiration for all of us.” “We have to keep fighting to help survivors and make sure their voices are heard.”

Weinstein was also cleared of a charge that he sexually assaulted another woman.

Weinstein’s first criminal trial was in New York in 2020. The case in Los Angeles came after that. He was found guilty of third-degree rape and a criminal sex act in February of that year and given a 23-year prison sentence.

Since 2017, more than 100 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. He was sent back to California to face new charges.

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He will be given a sentence in Los Angeles next year, but he must first finish his time in New York before he can go back to California.

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On October 24, Weinstein’s LA trial started, and several women who said he attacked them when he was a powerful Hollywood producer testified. Prosecutors said Weinstein used his power to attract and scare women, whom he then attacked. The defense said that Weinstein’s actions were typical of “transactional” behavior in the movie business.

In August, Weinstein’s appeal in New York was given the green light by the state’s highest court. It is likely to go on at a later time.

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What Punishment Will Come for Weinstein?

Weinstein could go to prison for 18–24 years if he is found guilty.

On Tuesday, the lawyers will argue about aggravating factors, which could change how long the sentence is.

After being found guilty of sexual misconduct in New York, he is already 23 years into his sentence.

Weinstein said that all of his sexual encounters were voluntary, and he pleaded not guilty. Since there was no forensic evidence or eyewitness account of the claims from years ago, the case was based on the women’s personal stories and their credibility.

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Defense lawyers said the women had sex with Weinstein willingly because they thought he would help their careers. They also said that some of the accused, like Newsom, had kept in touch with him over the years, which didn’t make sense if he had attacked them.

Previous Conviction Appeal

Weinstein has asked for his New York criminal conviction to be thrown out.

In the UK, he has also been charged with indecent assault because of something that happened in London in 1996.

Overall, more than 90 women have come forward to say that Weinstein did things that were inappropriate and sometimes illegal.

Recently, a movie called “She Said” came out in theatres. It was about the 2017 New York Times investigation into the claims against Weinstein.

The jury was told not to watch it.

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