DivorceFord Married Whom? How Much Was Harrison Ford's Divorce?

Ford Married Whom? How Much Was Harrison Ford’s Divorce?

There have been rumors that Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart’s marriage has gotten strained since the actor’s near-fatal plane disaster earlier this year.

As much as $224 million appears to be at stake in the impending divorce. Understandably, Harrison hasn’t been himself since the accident.

Calista has apparently been waiting patiently for him, but he has been violent toward her despite her attempts to calm him down.

Harrison Ford is not one to remain sedentary for extended periods. ‘When I’m up in Wyoming, I just walk out the door and keep walking,’ says the actor, who divides his time between the Cowboy State and Los Angeles.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking off into the sky or taking a hike in the woods if my responsibilities are finished and the weather is nice.

What Did Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison’s Divorce Cost?

harrison ford divorce

One of the most costly celebrity divorces in history was Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison’s.

There was no prenuptial agreement, thus the total amount of their settlement was $85 million.

Mathison also bargained for her ex-husband to receive a portion of his future earnings from the sales of “Indiana Jones” and “The Fugitive,” both of which were filmed during their marriage.

The actor made millions from his role in each “Star Wars” film, which is why the settlement had to be so high. In the early 1990s, Ford had risen to become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, earning an average of $20 million per film.

Divorcing today would likely result in a significantly greater payout. Ford has a current market value of $300,000,000. Han Solo in “Star Wars” and Indiana Jones in the “Indiana Jones” films were two of his most famous roles.

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Due to allegations that Ford was having an affair with Lara Flynn Boyle, much younger than him, it is possible that Mathison was entitled to such a big compensation and the rights to some of Ford’s future earnings.

About the time of Ford’s divorce, the couple was spotted on a carriage trip through New York City and sharing a booth at a nightclub.

Ford’s manager Patricia McQueeney, though, has fiercely denied the rumors. She said that she “had nothing to do with that.” Before that time, they had already decided to go their separate ways.

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While Filming the First Movie, They Began an Affair.

harrison ford divorce


Ford and Fisher initially worked together on the 1976 first Star Wars film. Fisher was making his second film, and Ford had only done a couple of movies like American Graffiti before this one.

They became as well-known as their characters, Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Off-screen, Fisher and Ford did share a passionate kiss during the making of A New Hope, even though Leia and Han don’t do so until the sequel, The Empire Strikes Back.

The actor revealed every intimate detail of their relationship, from their first kiss to the months they spent sleeping together, in The Princess Diarist.

She referred to her relationship with Harrison as “a very long one-night stand.” In the end, I was glad it was over. Given that Ford was already married, she continued, “I didn’t approve of myself.”

Fisher reveals that she had deep feelings for him but that he didn’t reciprocate her affection; she writes, “I loved him and he permitted it.”

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To Whom Has Ford Recently Tied the Knot?

Fisher pointed out that Ford is a thrice-married man. His eldest two children came from his marriage to Marquardt.

The couple split up in 1979. Ford later wed Melissa Mathison, a screenwriter nominated for an Academy Award. They’d been married for twenty years and had two kids at that time. In 2015, she passed away.

Ford’s marriage to his third wife, Emmy-nominated performer Calista Flockhart, is arguably his most publicized.

She was a major star on the hit show Ally McBeal at the time. In 2010, Flockhart and Ford tied the knot. Ford adopted Flockhart’s son Liam, whom she had adopted before they met.


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