Harlan Crow Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Lifestyle, Height & More

American businessman and philanthropist Harlan Crow is well-known for his work in the real estate and investment industries. 1950 saw Crow’s birth in Texas. He has amassed a sizable fortune throughout his career. He is renowned for his business acumen and ability to turn around failing businesses.
Due to his business success, Crow has become a generous philanthropist who donates money to numerous worthy causes across the country. Are you sure he’s a billionaire? Let’s investigate.

Who is Harlan Crow?

American real estate tycoon Harlan Rogers Crow was born in 1949 and is a native of Dallas, Texas. He holds the position of chairman of Crow Holdings, a company that Trammell Crow, his father, founded. He makes a significant contribution to Republican and conservative causes. The third child of real estate developer Trammell Crow and Margaret Doggett Crow, Harlan Crow was born in Dallas. He has a sister and five brothers. He went to high school at the Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia, unlike his siblings. In Atlanta, Georgia, he next attended Emory University before transferring to the University of Texas, where he earned a BBA.
With Kathy, his second wife, he has three children. The construction of the Kathy Crow Commons at SMU received a $5 million donation in 2014 from Harlan and Katherine Raymond Crow. His mother, Margaret Crow, escaped the SS Athenia, the first British ship sunk by Nazi Germany during World War Two.

Harlan Crow Net Worth: Is He Really a Billionaire?

Yes, for sure, he is a billionaire. Harlan Crow’s estimated net worth is $2 billion. The man from Texas made much of his money through real estate ventures.

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When Trammell’s business lost a lot of money during the 1980s housing market crash, Harlan started helping him. He not only kept the Trammell Crow Company from going out of business, but he also grew it.

Several subsidiaries, like Crow Family Holdings and Crow Investment Trust, were set up with his help. He served as the CEO of Crow Family Holdings and a board member of the Trammell Crow Company.

In recent years, Harlan has also grown to be a significant Republican Party donor. He has contributed more than $5 million to the righteous cause.
How did Harlan Crow and his family establish their multibillion-dollar empire?
The Crow family is the owner of several billion-dollar businesses. The Trammell Crow Company was founded in 1970 by Harlan’s father, Trammell Crow. As of 2023, approximately one third of the company’s shares were owned by members of the Crow family.

Under Harlan’s leadership, Crow Family Holdings expanded into a multibillion-dollar business. As a subsidiary, it runs the Crow Investment Trust. The corporation has made similar investments in Wyndham Hotels, Trammell Crow Residential, and other companies.

Harlan Crow Social Contribution

Crow is well known for his financial gifts to numerous causes, including education, the arts, and medical research. To organisations like the Boy Scouts of America, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre, he has donated millions of dollars.

In addition to his commercial ventures, Harlan Crow is renowned for his support of Republican candidates and causes and his conservative political stances. He has given millions of dollars to numerous conservative groups, including the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation, and the American Enterprise Institute. Also, he has contributed significantly to Republican political campaigns, notably those of former Texas Governor Rick Perry and President George W. Bush.

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Harlan Crow Lifestyle

Crow is well known for his wealth, but he also lives frugally. He supposedly lives in a small home in Dallas and drives an old automobile. Another well-known characteristic of his is his love of collecting historical artefacts, particularly those related to American history. His Dallas residence serves as his private library, which contains a huge collection of antiquated literature. The well-known art collector Crow is the owner of several unique pieces. In his backyard garden, there are sculptures of Communist leaders and heroes who have passed away. Harlan Crow joined his father’s business after finishing his education, and he quickly rose through the ranks. He ultimately rose to the position of CEO of Crow Holdings, which oversees the various commercial ventures of the Crow family, including real estate, private equity, and investment management.


Who are the owners of Crow Holdings?

Crow Holdings, a private family business run by Harlan Crow in his capacity as chairman of the board, is in charge of managing the capital of the Trammell Crow family.

What happened to the Trammell Crow Company?

In 1948, Trammell Crow founded the company. According to the company, CBRE Group would purchase it in June 2006.

How much is Crow Holdings worth?

As of 2023, Crow Holdings was valued at $20 billion.

Who is the CEO of Crow Holding?

Michael Levy is in charge of managing and coordinating all business operations for Crow Holdings in his capacity as chief executive officer.

Where is Crow Holdings Capital headquarters?

The foundation for Crow Holdings Capital has been laid with the closure of the company’s first real estate fund. Crow Holdings is relocating its corporate offices to Old Parkland in Dallas.

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