10 Running Tips and Tricks Every Runner Should Know

Almost every runner we know is somewhat fixated on the activity. We run because we enjoy it, it makes us happy, and it makes us better people. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t challenges and disappointments associated with running.

These innovative jogging tips can make it simpler to run.

Here are some of the top running tips you should be aware of, regardless of whether you’re preparing for a marathon, trying to achieve a 5k personal record, or are just starting out.

Running Tip 1: Freeze your water bottle with the cap off.

On a hot run, there is nothing more scrumptious than ice-cold water. However, how is that conceivable when you’ve been running for an hour and are clutching your water bottle in the sweltering heat with a sweaty hand?

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Mid-run, the lukewarm water drink isn’t quite as gratifying. Freezing your water with the bottle on its side is an easy technique to keep it cold the entire journey. Take the water bottle out of the freezer before your run and fill it halfway with cold water.

You’ll be able to appreciate the water you just added to the bottle when you’re thirsty near the start of a run. The water will remain chilly for a lot longer as the ice melts over time.

Running Tip 2: Break up Long Runs Into Manageable Chunks.

Almost all long runs are scary before you complete them. It can be challenging to picture oneself completing a new distance, whether it’s your first 8 miles or your next 20 miles during marathon training.

Breaking the long term down into smaller, more manageable chunks is one of the greatest methods to manage it mentally. A 20-mile race, for instance, can be divided into four separate 5-mile races. If you’re on a trail, run for five miles, then turn around and repeat this section four times. If you’re running in your neighborhood, consider taking a few practice runs on a familiar route.

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It will be easier to break down the distance and feel more confident about finishing the run if you have a few goals to achieve along the way. It’s frequently simpler to think about running 5 miles four times than it is to consider running 20 miles.

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Running Tip 3: Log Your Workouts Every Day.

Whether you enjoy data or not, maintaining a simple log of your runs and exercises is an excellent method to track your development and maintain motivation.

We frequently get the feeling that we have reached a plateau because our development has slowed and our motivation is waning. A smart tactic in these situations is to recall past runs.

You might be shocked to learn that, a year ago, you stated that the weekly easy mileage you now ran felt like a difficult task. You might discover that your weekly mileage has increased, your paces have gotten faster, or that you are simply running more effectively overall.

Running Tip 4: Listen to Audiobooks or Podcasts.

While many people pass the time while exercising by listening to music, it’s by no means the only option. Another strategy you might employ if your runs seem to drag on forever is to switch up the music you’re listening to.

An excellent approach to pass the time and keep your mind active while running is to listen to podcasts and read novels. And while music may definitely get us going, other fantastic sources of inspiration during a run include podcasts and books.

Additionally, one easy method to multitask while running is to listen to a podcast or book. Look for a podcast on your field of work, a podcast from a runner you know, a book you haven’t had time to read or any other motivating material.

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Running Tip 5: Making the Family Involved Is

Have trouble finding the time to run? Having just returned home from work, do you feel bad about abandoning your family once more? Take the family with you when you go on the run rather than spending time apart.

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Making jogging a family activity is simpler (and frequently more enjoyable) than you might think, whether this involves bringing the dog, running with your husband, pushing a stroller, or having your kids bike with you.

Running Tip 6: Wash Your Clothing in The Shower

Nothing increases the amount of laundry you need to do as much as a daily running routine. Consider hopping in the shower while wearing your running clothes if you’re pressed for time or simply weary of washing and folding laundry.

Take them off to dry after rinsing them off and, if you’re feeling very fancy, soaping them up. After your run, you can squeeze in a shower while keeping some clothing out of the wash.

Running Tip 7: Secure Your Key to The Laces of Your Shoes.

The fact that running takes so little gear is one of its best features. But when you are forced to carry something with you while running, like a car key, this poses a difficulty.

Try tying your key to your shoelaces if you’re tired of holding it or are simply concerned about it falling out of your pocket and disappearing while you’re out running. The key will be tied in a knot for security, and you’ll always know it’s still in your possession.

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Running Tip 8: Plant Water and Fuel Containers in Advance.

Some runners simply detest the idea of toting around extra weight or a hydration belt during a lengthy run. But if you’re running far enough, you’ll need to refuel and hydrate along the route.

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Planning a lengthy run route near your house? Consider setting out early and leaving fuel or water bottles along the way to reduce the amount of extra gear you’ll need to carry. Keep water bottles hidden along the route under bushes, behind trees, or in rest areas, you’ll pass by while running.

The extra effort required to carry water is eliminated when you arrive at a fresh bottle every few miles, which can be extremely useful during those long runs during marathon preparation.

Running Tip 9: Use the Incline on The Treadmill

Although it pains us to say it, running on a treadmill isn’t the same as running outside. Whether you love it or detest it, running on the treadmill exclusively during your preparation can leave you unprepared for the various elevations and terrain of an outdoor marathon.

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If you find yourself forced to run on the treadmill for some important training runs, try adding a 0.5 to 1.0 percent elevation. This helps to more closely resemble running outside, putting you in the best possible condition for your intended race.

Running Tip 10: Run Hills to Increase Your Speed.

Love those leisurely, pleasant runs but find specific exercises to be unbearable? Even after finishing your weekly intervals, are you having trouble maintaining your desired pace? Training on hills might be effective.

Hill running is sometimes referred to as “speedwork in disguise,” and for good reason. To build muscle, endurance, and stamina, consider incorporating some weekly hill running into your workout. Plan your journey along a hilly road or select a small, steep hill for some repetitions.

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