Gotham Knights Star Reveals Duela Is The Joker’s Daughter

Olivia Rose Keegan, one of the Gotham Knights cast members, has confirmed that Duela would be portrayed as the Joker’s daughter in the next DC series.

Since 2012, The CW has partially become known for its superhero properties through Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse, as it has launched one show after another. 2023 will be no different as the network is adding a new DC TV series to their now-slim slate of comic book projects. Coming from a team of Batwoman writers and producers, Gotham Knights will be debuting on The CW in 2023 as the network’s second Batman-related series.

Joker’s daughter Duela in the upcoming DC show

An adaptation of the television series would be in the works at The CW in December 2021. Executive producers alongside Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and David Madden through Berlanti Productions, Natalie Abrams, James Stoteraux, and Chad Fiveash are currently writing the series.

Duela Dent first appeared in The Batman Family #6 in 1976 with the alias of Joker’s daughter as the prime foe of Dick Grayson, who was Robin at the time. She appeared on multiple issues imitating the pretend daughters of famous Batman villains. One day she would pretend to be Riddler’s daughter, the other day, she would enter as Catwoman’s daughter, Catgirl.


The channel is adding an extra DC TV series to its currently small portfolio of comic book programs in 2023, so it won’t be any different. The CW’s second Batman-related program, Gotham Knights, will premiere in 2023 and was created by a team that includes writers and producers for Batwoman.

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Gotham Knights will revolve around Bruce Wayne’s adoptive son, Turner Hayes, who gets framed for Batman’s death alongside several children of the Dark Knight’s villains. One of the DC players that will be featured in Gotham Knights is Duela, who will be portrayed by Olivia Rose Keegan. DC fans will know Duela as none other than Joker’s daughter, who has quite the complex history in the comic lore.

Duela’s last appearance in Pre-Crisis was in Tales of the Teen Titans #50, at Donna Troy’s wedding. She seemed like a middle-aged lady when Dick Grayson saw her after a long time. He then smiles and tells her that he knew something wasn’t right, he knew that she wasn’t Two-Face’s daughter. He then asks her about her real identity, but Duela disappears before Grayson can get into the matter.

Duela Dent will be a lot like her Pre-Crisis origin, but the writers can take some parts of her other stories as well. Many fans are fascinated by her comic origins, however, only time can tell whether or not fans will like her in live-action.

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