DivorceGeorge Lopez's Wife Files for Divorce After 17 Years of Marriage!

George Lopez’s Wife Files for Divorce After 17 Years of Marriage!

American comedian, actor, and talk show presenter George Lopez was born on April 23, 1961. He is most recognized for his role as George Lopez in the ABC sitcom, which he produced himself.

Including the Mexican American culture, his stand-up comedy explores racial and ethnic interactions. He presently serves as the host of TBS’s late-night chat show Lopez Tonight.

When will all of the famous husbands realize that using a hooker is a terrible idea? These women frequently wind up speaking with a reporter.

I’m not sure who discovers who first—the tabloid discovers the prostitute, or the prostitute discovers the tabloid—but in the end, they both come across one another, and the rest is history.

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Yes, George Lopez, your reputation and you are a thing of the past. Because if we ever muster the strength to watch your talk program again, all we will be able to think is EWWW.

In other words, if you’re going to cheat, follow Ashton’s lead and at the very least do it with a regular person. Perhaps that’s not the finest illustration.

george lopez divorce

However, if you do that, you at least have the defense that you hadn’t intended for it to happen. You might have been intoxicated. Some wives might actually invest in those.

However, a prostitute? That requires motivation, concealment, purpose, cash, and unpleasantness. Additionally, most areas forbid it, not to mention that it poses health risks to both you and your spouse (STDs). Yes, it is quite difficult to overlook the hooker incident.

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However, I don’t need to persuade anyone of this. I don’t understand why the 59-year-old host of Lopez Tonight would choose that course of action when he is divorcing his wife of 17 years, Ann Serrano, who gave birth to his sole child and who also donated a kidney to save his life.

Not just one, but TWO ladies of the night.

For a hilarious man, he appears like such a straightforward individual. You’d think that having to deal with some pretty terrible health issues would make him appreciate his life and everything he has.

His wife Ann then decided to donate one of her kidneys to him in order to preserve her husband’s life. So that the scheduling wouldn’t have an impact on his employees, Lopez even delayed the surgery in 2005 to finish a season of his sitcom George Lopez.

As a result, this man dislikes disruptions to his schedule and wants to keep everything nice and tidy, which may be why he tried to get away with a hooker. George and Ann Lopez’s declaration was made public today.

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The Lopezes, who have been married for 17 years, have decided to divorce. The choice was made amicably and with full consent. They are still devoted parents, partners in business, and leaders of The Lopez Foundation, a charitable organization.

A romance between a young cast member in Crowe’s most recent play and Nancy Wilson, rather than Nancy herself, is the most likely cause of their separation, I finally learned. We continue to keep an eye on the Ashton scandal. It appears that 2010 will be the year of the breakup.


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