CelebrityGeorge Karl Reflects on His Basketball Career Following Illness on Saturday Night!

George Karl Reflects on His Basketball Career Following Illness on Saturday Night!

It’s fitting that Denver’s legendary basketball program is sending one of its legendary coaches to the Hall of Fame.

George Karl, a former longtime NBA coach, claims he was viciously assaulted online by trolls telling him to die after he made a comment criticizing Carmelo Anthony, a member of the Los Angeles Lakers’ recent roster addition.

Karl, Anthony’s former coach from his six years with the Denver Nuggets, made headlines recently when he appeared to attack the 10-time All-Star without provocation.

The former head coach of the Sacramento Kings, George Karl, and his former star player, DeMarcus Cousins, got into an argument while reminiscing about their time together. While Cousins opened fire, it was Karl’s retort that eventually sealed the deal and made him the victor.

When Cousins started griping about his stay in Sacramento, things quickly escalated. After being picked by the Kings with the fifth overall choice in 2010, Cousins spent the better part of seven years in Sacramento, where he frequently showcased his enormous talent and fury.

Hall of Fame Coach

george karl illness

The Hall of Fame Coach may not be as formidable as he once was due to age and illness, but he is still very much in the game.

George Karl walks into the golf shop at Green Valley Ranch in the light rain and immediately makes his way to the brilliant display of Bad Birdie shirts that might blind the sun. A previous coach for the Nuggets has ranked them number one. You may say, “That’s me.”

One of the most successful NBA coaches in history was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in September, so you might imagine he’s basking in the glow of his accomplishments and giving himself a pat on the back.

Seasonal lions

george karl illness

Karl comes out as more of a fit, self-deprecating Everyman than a bruising bear who stormed the sidelines for six teams over 27 NBA seasons. He has even joked that his work history “sounds like I got fired a lot.”

One month after being named the NBA’s best coach for the 2012–13 season, Karl was fired from his position with the Denver Nuggets. He coached the club to a 57-25 record, and he has remarked that it was his favorite of all the teams he has coached, including the Seattle squad that made it to the NBA Finals. But following an eighth consecutive first-round playoff exit, the team fired him.

In 2016, after a brief and troubled stint, he was released from the Sacramento Kings. Furious George, an autobiography in which the author lambasted his own flaws and those of select players, owners, and general managers, caused a stir later that year.

Karl coached for a total of 1,999 games, however, his team only won 1,175 of those contests. The likes of Phil Jackson, Larry Brown, and Red Auerbach, all famous NBA coaches, have coached fewer games than that.

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Coming Back

george karl illness

For the most part, George Karl is concerned with his health, writing his induction speech, and selecting courses from the “top of the pile” on his bucket list rather than focusing on any documentary projects.

This year, he says, “Medinah and Merion.” As a guy who is currently unemployed, I count myself very fortunate to have so many opportunities to enjoy the game of golf in the company of interesting people. Golf, like basketball, is a sport where strategy and skill are important, but where the main draws are the rivalry and friendships made among competitors.

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Sunday Night, Basketball Legend George Karl Will Drop in With the Greats

Karl was a long-time professional coach who, despite starting his career in the CBA, amassed 1,175 wins, good for sixth-most among NBA head coaches. For the basketball world, George Karl is now among the very best.

The three of them Williams, Karl’s former teammate from their time together at Carolina, Jones, and Gary Payton, who played for Karl with the Seattle SuperSonics—will present Karl at his induction ceremony.


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