Gab.Com: How To Get Apk in Android & iOS!

The Gab Platform powers Gab Social, an open source and completely decentralized social network. It is’s newest social network. This modification was made to strengthen Gab’s dedication to upholding users’ online privacy and trust.

Additionally, Gab further proves its disinterest in user data ownership by proposing decentralization and federation. The Mastodon project served as the inspiration for the Gab Social project, which is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

  • Post “Gabs,” or messages of 3000 characters, and express your thoughts.
  • Edit Gabs to view changes made transparently and when they occurred.
  • Words, people, hashtags, and topics that you don’t want to see in your feed can be muted.
  • The more “Gabbers” you follow, the more you’ll get followed in return.
  • Vote for the GIFs you like.
  • Use emoji replies to respond to gabs.
  • Use Categories like Art, News, and Sports to categorize Gabs and meet new people.
  • Another feature of Gabs that other social networks no longer by default offer is a chronological home feed.
  • Use two-factor authentication to protect your account. android app

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Get the Gab Android App Here:

  1. Launch your normal browser or the “Chrome” app.
  2. Look up and access the website.
  3. “Add to Home Screen” may be accessed by tapping the menu icon (3 dots in the corner).
  4. You can give the shortcut a name, and Chrome will then add it to your home screen.
    Launch the Gab application from the home screen.

Get the Gab iOS App. Safari:

  1. Open the “Safari” app.
  2. Locate and launch
  3. After tapping the share icon, select “Add to Homescreen” by navigating down the menu.
  4. After giving the shortcut a name, Safari will add the Gab application to your home screen.
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Support Gab with A Pro Subscription for The Following Added Features to The Main Instance:

  • Advanced media (MP4, WebM, etc.)
  • The creation of custom emoji

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Features Coming Soon:

  • Quote posting
  • Editing and deleting posts
  • Groups
  • Direct Messages

Features No Longer Supported:

  • Downvoting
  • Scores
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