ControversyFulltone Effects Is Closing Its California Factory After 30 Years. Why Were...

Fulltone Effects Is Closing Its California Factory After 30 Years. Why Were Fulltone Guitar Pedals Rejected?

Many were angered by comments made by Fulltone’s CEO, Mike Fuller, on social media regarding the ongoing protests for justice following the killing of George Floyd by police.

To most people, Fulltone is synonymous with its OCD and Full-Drive series of overdrive and distortion pedals.

After 30 years in business, Fulltone effects pedals owner Michael Fuller purportedly wrote a memo suggesting the company was closing its Californian plant.

There is substantial evidence supporting this, beyond the memo and these social media tales. Online, you can see a document from a real estate agent stating that the home can be purchased for $2.5 million.

Music Stores Are Starting to Stop Selling Fulltone Guitar Effects Pedals

fulltone controversy

Fulltone was met with widespread condemnation after CEO Mike Fuller unleashed an incendiary social media diatribe condemning the ongoing marches for justice following the shooting of George Floyd by police.

In what ways is this scenario different from night four, when the burglars were successful in stealing everything? He added, “Ahh I feel better and I got rid of some spoiled boys who had been taught to pee while seated.

The mayor and governor’s complete disregard for local businesses are now more apparent than ever. Allow me to remove it now.

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The California Manufacturing of Fulltone Is Apparently Closing After 30 Years of Operation.

According to a purportedly leaked document from firm owner Michael Fuller, Fulltone Effects would be closing its manufacturing in California after 30 years of business.

After receiving a complaint via the company’s email address, Fuller replied in the same severe tone as his initial post. You truly don’t deserve your pedals,” the email to the fan page reads, as captured in a screenshot.

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Apparently speaking to retailers, Fuller said, “I will not start pumping my personal money into a business that no longer turns a profit… this 4-year climate makes 100% made in the USA impossible.”

This statement confirmed the widespread speculation that Fuller would be closing the California plant.

The memo stated, “It is with great sadness that I inform you that after 30 years in business, Fulltone will be closing its doors in California.”

“I am selling the building that I own. We appreciate your loyalty over the years, and I appreciate your patience with my quirks.

“The heavy heart is for my 10, 15, 20, and 26-year staff who are like family… I would have closed Fulltone years ago were it not for them. ”

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It Has Been Speculated that Fulltone Would Be Closing Down Due to Negative Feedback Received in The Online Community

fulltone controversy

From what has been said on The Gear Page site, it appears that Fulltone is closing its doors in California soon.

The company’s president, Mike Fuller, has signed a statement that appears legitimate and lends credence to these rumors. Not only that, but it seems the Fulltone building itself is for sale as well.

According to the purported letter, Fulltone intends to keep operating as a “valid corporation,”

Company founder Mike Fuller says he plans to “build a few pedals here and there as I am vividly aware of what it takes to keep my brand from being stolen” and “protect his $3M worth of worldwide trademarks & patent.”

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You are welcome to place a last order, email Scott personally at as we are shutting down the dealer order,” the claimed final line of the statement reads.


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