Free Fire Server Registration in Advance for Ob36 Apk – How?

Players received a weapon, a new user interface, and many other crucial components when the OB35 update was made available. Players can employ this in-game attachment, and they can readily use it for defense in challenging situations.

The creators have come up with a new update to gain more sophisticated accessories. The official page will shortly include information about it. Players are starting to get excited and more interested in learning about the impending features. The gamers will learn more about the OB36 feature here as we go into further detail.

The dates for the next updates have been announced in accordance with a recent update. Players will receive the latest update on their devices on August 30 and September 2. Additionally, it is announced that the OB36 update will be finalized on September 14.

The players will have the chance to sign up for the next upgrade in August. And it will be early in the morning. The specific actions must be followed by the players before they can acquire the activation code. And this code is crucial for accessing the Free Fire Advance server.

The Free Fire Advance Server’s Login and Registration Process

Normally, the Advance Server is released two weeks before the update. Following previous releases, Garena announced that users will receive the new update on their smartphones on August 30 and September 2.

Not all players will be able to access this application due to capacity restrictions. They can get an Activation Code by signing up on the official website, which is what they will need.

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One of the most important procedures for the Advance Server is registration. The Activation Code, required to access the client, can only be obtained by registered users. After the start of this process, anybody can register by following the instructions below:

  • The player must log in to the official Garena FF or Max Redemption website using Facebook or Gmail in order to register.
  • First, copy this URL and put it into your browser:
  • The “Login with Facebook” button will then appear on the FF Advance website that will appear in your browser.
  • We advised you to utilize a VPN to log in with any “Indonesia Server” account since Garena sends updates to users of the Indonesia server first and provides them with a 100% activation code and download link for the Advance server. Any VPN is available on Google Play or the Play Store.
  • You will be taken to a new page after logging in with Facebook or Gmail where Garena Free Fire will ask you to provide some information (as mentioned below).
  • Any name or valid email address can be entered, along with a phone number where Garena can reach you. After completing all the fields, select “Join Now” from the menu.

free fire advance server registration

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What Day Is the Release of Free Fire Max Ob36?

The player base for Free Fire is growing rapidly as a result of their intense interest in the game. Only if they are given a respectable stage to perform on can the players approach the game.

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The game’s upgrades and services aid gamers in receiving strong support. The game’s most recent update made a number of adjustments and made it easier for players to gain more experience.

What Day Is the Release of Free Fire Max Ob36?

The most recent update will be announced on September 15, 2022, in accordance with the latest update.

Additionally, the Free Fire OB36 will go online on September 14, 2022, allowing users to learn more about the upgrade in-depth. Keep in touch to learn more about the update and the goodies the player will receive. The advanced server was made available prior to two weeks ago.

The advanced server is expected to be accessible from August 30 to September 2; the exact date is unknown. The player can use the code by signing up on the official website. The participants are able to choose the services as soon as the code is activated.

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