Free Fire Advance Server (ob31): Download Instructions, Server Launch Date, and More

Free Fire Advance is essentially a beta version of the game that lets you play with some of the newest features ahead of time. You can find all the brand-new skins, unreleased weaponry, and modifications that will eventually be added to the game’s regular edition here.

To play Free Fire Advance, you must first obtain an activation code. You must visit the official website (which is reachable via the associated link) and register there using a working phone number and email address to receive this code.

Since each activation code is distinct and personal, it’s crucial to keep it private. It’s also essential to remember that the Advance server has restricted access, so you could not get the code for a few days.

You may still participate in battle royales with Free Fire Advance, but it has a tonne of brand-new features that even the most seasoned players will find surprising. However, none of the advancements you make on the Advance server will transfer to the regular edition of Free Fire.

Free Fire Advance Server (ob31) – What Is It?

The creators of video games frequently run a test version of the game before it is launched. This holds for practically all current internet games. These tests assist in finding issues and correcting them before the final delivery.

When it comes to Garena Free Fire, the developer employs a test server to gather feedback from players and iron out bugs before the game’s release. Before the game is made available to everyone, the server will be used to test new modes, features, and general functionality.

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Players can test out the new features in Free Fire Advance Server, report errors to the developers, and provide comments to help the game go better. The game will launch as a new patch on Google Play Store and Apple App Store once it has been authorized by game testers and developers.

The Advance Server version, on the other hand, is a distinct application, and neither the Play Store nor the App Store carries it.

Check out how to sign up for a Free Fire Advance Server using your Facebook login ID now that you are familiar with how one operates.

ff advance

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How Can I Sign up For the Ob31 Free Fire Advance Server?

The Free Fire Advance Server (OB31) will be operational from November 18 through November 25 of 2021, as was already mentioned. Interested players can visit this link and adhere to the detailed guidelines provided there.

  • Navigate to the Free Fire Advance Server (OB31) website and click the “Login Facebook” option at the bottom of the page.
  • To access the Advanced server, log into your Facebook account.
  • Add your full name, email address, and mobile number now.
  • Select “Join Now” by tapping on it.
  • You will be registered for the Free Fire Advance Server after completing these steps (OB31). Garena will send a code for activation to the email address you provided.

How Can I Get Free Fire Advance Server (ob31) to Download?

When the Free Fire Advance Server (OB31) gets life, you can download it from the website once you’ve registered for it. Here is a brief description of the downloading procedure:

  • Ensure that you’ve finished the registration process and gotten the mail confirmation.
  • Between November 18 and November 25, 2021, visit the Free Fire Advance Server (OB31) website.
  • Use your Facebook login information to log in.
  • Save the APK file to your smartphone by downloading it from the website.
  • Activate the “App Installs from Unknown Sources” permission in the security settings of your smartphone.
  • Play the game after installation and report problems to earn Amazon rewards and in-game goodies.
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ff advance

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How Can I Obtain a Free Fire Advance Server (ob31) Activation Code?

You must input the activation code you were given while enrolling on to launch the Advance Server. To sign up for Advance Server for the first time, you must have these activation codes.

These codes may not be accessible to everyone as they are provided by the developer to specific players. You have been chosen to test out the new features before they are officially released if you have received an activation code.

Advantages of Using the Free Fire Advance Server (ob31)

The Free Fire Advance Server offers several benefits (OB31). The advantages of downloading the Free Fire Advance Server are listed below (OB31).

  • Become the first to use new features.
  • Receive bonuses for finding and reporting bugs and errors.
  • By informing the developers of bugs, you can earn diamonds.
  • Before the actual launch, test out new skins, maps, and game types.
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