Feras Antoon Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Wife & More

Feras Antoon was born in Syria and immigrated to Canada with his parents. He earned his engineering degree in Montreal.

He entered the porn business at the beginning of the 2000s alongside a few other engineering grads. They capitalized on the development and popularity of the internet to produce the MILF-focused Brazzers. MILF is porn that focuses on senior women. Afterwards, Brazzers entered the YouPorn market before selling the business to Fabian Thylmann. Yet, once Thylmann was charged with tax evasion and resold the business to Feras, among others, he continued to serve as CEO and once again became the owner. The name had been changed from Brazzers to Mindgeek by that point.

Feras Antoon Net Worth 2023

Over the course of his 20-year career, the man managed to make a significant amount of money despite all the scandals and unfavorable articles. He has a million dollars and will still have one in 2023. He has a $5 million capital to his name. Antoon is retired, yet he has enough money to live a luxurious life for himself and his family.

Has the PornHub Scandal Affected Feras Antoon Net Worth?

Mindgeek has been under fire for not doing enough to delete information that violates PornHub’s TOS, and they have been charged with carelessness with the hidden intent of even making money off of such content. Some people think he was able to profit financially from this. Yet this hasn’t been demonstrated.

But, as a result, his capital was smaller than it may have been. Fanatics destroyed his unfinished mansion with fire. An extremely serious investment is real estate. Feras Antoon’s net worth would have exceeded $10 million if this had not occurred.

Years of criticism culminated in 2022 with the resignations of CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo.

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The Reviewers

Individuals who regret acting in videos on the website are among those who feel hurt by it.

people who are acting in videos that have been published by others without their

knowledge or consent and who wish to remove them because they believe the corporation has not done enough to assist them.

  • anti-sexual abuse organizations

They criticize PornHubs’ moderation team for doing nothing and the ease with which exploitative content can be published to the website. This criticism even goes so far as to claim that MindGeek is sponsoring the content in question simply because it generates income thanks to the monetization scheme.

  • Religious groups who are anti porn

There are many obsessive Christian organizations in North America that regularly fight against things like science-based history education, liberalism, lgbtqi rights, abortion, and more because they believe that the only thing that matters is what the bible says. Despite the fact that sexuality seems to be something that humans require, their beliefs forbid it if it occurs outside of marriage for the sake of procreation, and pornography is surely not acceptable.

Antoon claimed that he receives gifts from a variety of organizations, including religious extremists. He accused them of starting the fire that destroyed his opulent residence in the Bois-de-Saraguay natural park in suburban Montreal, which was almost finished. It has not been established who set fire to his home, but it is possible that it was done for environmental reasons. This is because the former owner of the land where Feras Mansion is being built used legal means to thwart efforts by the neighborhood to build what they called an eco-corridor in order to protect the Bois-de-Saraguay forest.

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The Supporters

The existence of PornHub was justified by organizations that protect sex workers and fight for their rights, such as the Adult Performance Artists Guild, on the grounds that it provides income for thousands of sex workers who could otherwise find themselves in desperate financial situations. They advocate for individuals’ individual freedom to engage in any activity as long as it is between consenting adults and does not pose a risk to others. These organizations certainly advocate for more effective content control, but they also want to protect the future of websites like PornHub.
The numerous satisfied PornHub customers who consider porn to be essential to maintaining a healthy sexual balance

The facts

Only a small portion of the 10 million daily visits to the website are for exploitative and underage content. It’s difficult to moderate such a tremendous amount.

Videos continued to be uploaded and remained available for months or even years after the initial request they received to take them down, indicating that PornHub does not respond to content concerns quickly or effectively.

In addition to the genuine content, PornHub also made a lot of money via exploitative content, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

The puritanical aspect of North American culture may contribute to the humiliation that participants in films experience as a result of being ridiculed, shamed, and bullied by those around them.

The fact that the owners of Pornhub clearly value money makes accusations that they value money more highly than morality and empathy for users who feel harmed credible, especially in light of the fact that, despite having the technical ability to do much better than they did, they did not resolve the problems for the vast majority of complainants.

Biography and wiki of Feras Antoon

He is referred to as “Feras Antoon” by us. On June 29, 1975, he was born in Damascus, Syria. The names of his parents are not known. As of 2022, he will be 46 years old.

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Feras Antoon attended a private high school and completed his studies at Concordia University. He has an engineering degree and is a graduate.

Full Name Feras Antoon
Nick Name Feras
Profession CEO and Co-owner of MindGeek
Spouse Name Nicole Manso
Children Two
Age 46 years old
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birth Place Damascus, Syria
Residence Montreal, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Middle Eastern
Parents Father- Update Soon 

Mother- Update Soon

Siblings Not Available
Alma Mater Concordia University
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

Antoon Feras career

In 2000, he launched his first porn website.
His first porn business is called Brazzers, and he founded it.
The largest pornographic corporation in the world, MindGeek, operates the websites YouPorn and PornHub.

Antoon Feras Height and Age

In 2022, he will be 46 years old. Soon, his weight and height will be updated.

Antoon Feras wife

The CEO and co-owner of MindGeek is Feras Antoon. He is currently a married man. Nicole Manso is his wife’s name. The names of the couple’s two sons are not yet known.

Feras Antoon Parents

He was conceived and raised by his family. He resides in Canada’s MontrĂ©al. The names of his parents are omitted. Regarding his parents and siblings, we don’t have any information. We are looking for more information, and as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.

Feras Antoon Salary and Source of Income

It is unknown what Feras Antoon is paid. He serves as MindGeek’s CEO and co-owner.

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