10 Facebook Hacks You Probably Aren’t Aware Of

Due to its enduring popularity, consumers frequently check Facebook as one of the first websites they visit each day. But as it continues to develop, managing simple chores has gotten harder. Check out some of these sneaky secrets and tricks to improve your daily Facebook experience, then apply the same strategies to Instagram.

1. Subtly Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook

facebook hacksThere are a few approaches to updating your relationship status on Facebook without telling all 300 of your friends. One method is to navigate to your timeline’s “About” section and scroll down to the “Relationship” section.

To alter your privacy settings, click “Edit” in the top right corner and select “Only Me.” After that, modify your status and press save. If you want absolutely no indication of your relationship status to appear on your page, use the second option.

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2. Message People on Facebook without Downloading a Separate App

Nobody We Know Loves the Concept of Needing to Download a Different Messenger App in Order to Access Facebook Messages. Fortunately, There Are Two Ways to Prevent This, the First of Which Is to Use Your Phone’s Mobile Browser.

3. Post on Facebook Even if You Aren’t Online

It Is Real! to Submit Text, Photographs, or Videos to Your Account from Your Phone, You Simply Need to Have Access to A “post-By-Email” Address. so Even if You’re on The Road And, Say, Can’t Access Facebook or Have Incredibly Terrible Wi-Fi, You Can Still Update Your Friends on How Amazing Your Life Is Simply by Sending an Email to This Unique Address. Here’s how To Locate Your Email Address from A Post.

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4. Make “seen” in Facebook Messages Inoperative.

Facebook Messages‘ “seen By” or “seen At” Function Is Completely Intrusive, and You Can’t Really Turn It Off. but Do Not Worry, There Are Two Solutions Provided Here, One for Chrome Users and The Other for Non-Users.

5. Add Emoji to Your Status Updates

facebook hacks

Did You Know that Both Desktop and Mobile Facebook Users Can Utilise Emoji Characters in Posts and Comments? Simply Use Your Phone’s Emoji Keyboard or Download a Desktop Browser Plugin to Get Started.

6. Use the Friend Tracker Wisely

A Function Called Nearby Pals Uses Your Gps Position to Let Friends Know when You’re Nearby. Facebook Will Alert You to Your Friends’ Presence if You Enter the Same Area as Them. the Opposite Is Also True.

You Can Build a Secret, Trusted Friends List Where You Can Disclose Your Location Even Though You Don’t Want to Make This List Accessible to All of Your Friends.

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7. Avoid Having Facebook Ads Follow You Around

At Least Five Distinct Methods—two of Which Facebook Itself Can Help With—may Be Used to Stop Facebook Ad Stalking. One Involves Disabling Tracking via The App, and The Other Involves Modifying Your Options. Find All the Directions Right Here.

8. To Find Specific Results, Use Facebook Graph Search

If You Want to Find Things Like Images of Your Friends, You Might Use Facebook Graph Search, but Did You Know You Can Be Quite Specific? You’ll Receive Results You Never Imagined if You Search for Things Like “people in Brooklyn Who Like Tennis,” “books Read by Ce Os,” or “photos of Friends from Milan, Italy.”

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9. Include GiFs

facebook hacks

Happy News Giphy, an Animated Gif Search Engine, Has Discovered a Way Around Facebook’s Restriction on The Looping Animated Files so That Users Can Still Submit Gif Images There.

This Is How You Do It: Visit Giphy, Select a Gif that You Like, Copy the Giphy Url, and Paste It Into the Facebook Status Bar. Facebook Will Create a Link that Looks Like a Video with A Play Button on The Image Preview. Although It Isn’t a Proper Gif, It Will Do for Now.

10. Conduct a Privacy Audit

If You Need a Quick Reminder of Your Privacy Options, Facebook’s Checkup Function Is a Simple Three-Step Procedure that Enables You to Review and Modifies Your Settings. Even While You May Believe You Are Familiar with Your Settings, It Doesn’t Hurt to Review Them Again, Especially in Light of The Unsettling Results of Your Photo Search.

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