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Private enterprise For six years, Voy Media | Facebook Advertising Agency has been a player in the market. The company’s current areas of focus are digital marketing, internet software, and marketing and advertising.

The company’s co-founder and CEO are Kevin Urrutia. Its corporate offices are in the American city of New York, New York. There are from 1 and 25 workers. Voy Media | Facebook Advertising Agency generates between 5.0 million and 25 million each year.

In order to contact Voy Media | Facebook Advertising Agency, create an employee account on SignalHire.

Choosing a Facebook Advertising Agency

Even though there are a few notable companies, no business owner will find the perfect match among them. You need to learn how to cut through the noise in order to choose the best agency for you. Fear not—we’ll teach you the ropes! Asking the right questions and separating out those with red flags are necessary steps in this search.

facebook ads agency voy media

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Which Agency Is Best for Your Business?

You should build a list of organizations to check through once you’ve determined that you require a Facebook advertising agency to enhance your marketing. These could be local or global, depending on whether you think it’s important to interact in person or not.

Any red flags should be your top concern when selecting an agency. It may sound unfavorable, but it’s simpler to find a company’s shortcomings and rule them out than to hunt for their benefits.

Guaranteed results, inexpensive costs, a lack of contact information, a poor website, and packages rather than a customized approach are all clear warning signs.

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After the junk has been pruned, your options will be more varied. Then you can consider things like their closeness, price, portfolios of prior work, and responses to your messages. It’s typically a good idea to get in touch with each company and ask for a quote and prospectus so you can become familiar with their standard rates and past projects.

You still need to get value for your money even though pricing isn’t everything. By contrasting the quote with their prior work, you might be able to gain a good indication of this potential value.

With all the quotations, examples of their earlier work, and conversations with their team at your disposal, you’ll be in a wonderful position to decide which agency is ideal for you and your business.

Best Facebook Ads Agency

facebook ads agency voy media

Why Would You Want to Hire the Best Facebook Advertising Company?

Besides agencies, there are other possibilities. After all, you have the choice of hiring a staff employee or a freelancer to manage your Facebook advertising campaigns. Why would you then choose to work with a company?

An agency manages campaigns for tens or hundreds of different firms at once, so they have the size and resources required to undertake thorough testing and develop exceptional images and writing for your commercials.

One ad manager differs from another based on the techniques used to alter data so that marketers can learn from it.

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As a result of their access to millions of data points from tens of thousands of previous campaigns, agencies have a distinct advantage when it comes to determining the best practices for handling Facebook advertising campaigns. They have an advantage over less experienced freelancers thanks to this insight, which might help them deliver better results for you.

Facebook: A Marketing Organization?

But they are not. They provide the materials and equipment required for digital marketing companies to promote on their platform.

Do You Need a Big Budget?

The notion that working with an agency requires a significant budget and that small and medium-sized businesses can only afford freelancers is common among companies looking to expand their advertising efforts.

The actuality is completely at odds with the truth. Most agencies are willing to connect with clients of all financial levels; only the most significant companies reserve themselves for global brands.

Small to medium-sized firms want business partners with flexible spending limits, particularly for ongoing advertising and digital marketing initiatives. If you’re ready to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each month rather than tens of dollars, there is an agency out there for you.

facebook ads agency voy media

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Media, Voy

Kevin Urrutia and Wilson Lin established Voy Media in 2015, and it is a noteworthy company that has successfully handled Facebook advertising campaigns for numerous small and medium-sized businesses around the nation.

Being a boutique agency, you get the closeness you want and are frequently able to speak with one of the founders directly who can explain what they are doing and why it is advantageous to your company.

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They manage and build up Facebook ad campaigns for their clients and conduct audience research consultations as well. Voy Media thinks that your advertising should tell a story, and in order to do this, they need to better understand your audience, which they can do through thorough research.

Voy Media manages everything with their expert staff of skilled campaign managers, whether you’re interested in Facebook ads or hiring the top Instagram advertising agency, retargeting e-commerce traffic, or mobile advertising.

Instead of charging a set price, they offer a scaled pricing structure based on the amount of money you spend on advertisements each month, unlike many of their rivals.

They work with companies that spend as little as $2,000 per month on advertising, and they bill between 10% and 20% of that amount each month.

Along with audience retargeting, creative development, copywriting, and overall ad strategy, your Voy Media dedicated account manager and the team will work on your Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

Due to its track record of success, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding customer service, Voy Media stands out among boutique Facebook advertising campaign agencies. Voy Media is a fantastic option for small to medium-sized organizations that require assistance to boost their ad return to the next level.


  • Dedicated account manager
  • No setup fee
  • Full-service Facebook advertising agency
  • Known for getting results
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Specialize in Direct To Consumer (DTC) Brands
  • They have a podcast – Digital Marketing Fastlane


  • Bi-weekly reporting for most customers
  • Work primarily with Medium  / Larger clients
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