Fabian Thylmann Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Controversy & More

German businessman Fabian Thylmann served as the previous CEO of MindGeek, a global corporation that owns and runs a number of well-known websites for adult entertainment, including Pornhub, YouPorn, and RedTube.

Thylmann established Manwin, which later changed its name to MindGeek, in 2007. Since then, the business has rapidly grown its online pornographic empire, which currently numbers more than 120 websites and receives billions of page views each month.

Thylmann, who was born in 1978 in Aachen, Germany, grew up in a household of medical professionals. In 1999, he established his first business, a web development company called NATS, after completing his studies in computer science at the RWTH Aachen University. NATS created software that made it possible for webmasters to monitor and control their online marketing operations.

Thylmann started Manwin in 2007, and it swiftly rose to prominence as one of the top providers of adult entertainment websites. Under his direction, Manwin expanded into new markets like Europe and Asia and bought a number of significant porn websites, including Brazzers, Digital Playground, and Reality Kings.

Fabian Thylmann Controversy

Nonetheless, controversy dogged Thylmann’s accomplishment. He was detained in Belgium in 2012 on suspicion of tax evasion in connection with Manwin’s business activities there. Thylmann was detained for a number of days before being granted bail and released. He then relocated to Canada, where MindGeek is based, and was ultimately exonerated in Belgium in 2016.

The allegations that MindGeek’s websites contained unlawful material, including child pornography and non-consensual sex, also damaged Thylmann’s reputation. Following charges that MindGeek had enabled the spread of such information, a number of payment processors and financial institutions, including PayPal and Visa, severed connections with the company in 2019. MindGeek refuted the accusations and stated that it was coordinating with law enforcement to resolve the situation.

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Despite these controversies, Thylmann has had a significant impact on the adult entertainment sector. By utilizing the power of the internet and technology, he completely changed how porn is created, shared, and consumed. One of the first businesses to commercialize online porn through advertising, subscription-based business models, and joint ventures with other businesses was his.

Fabian Thylmann Net Worth

German online entrepreneur, software engineer, and investor Fabian Thylmann has a $300 million net worth. As the founder and former CEO of the pornographic website conglomerate Manwin, which is now known as MindGeek, Fabian Thylmann acquired his wealth. After developing an affiliate monitoring program that would revolutionize the adult industry, Fabian rose to the position of porn kingpin. After rolling up hundreds of adult businesses, Fabian eventually sold his part in the program, which is still in use today and goes by the name NATS. In the end, this roll-up grew to become the biggest adult website conglomeration ever. After Fabian was accused of tax cheating in 2013, he transferred his ownership in Manwin to senior management for $100 million. The business then adopted the name MindGeek. One of the all-time biggest online empires is still MindGeek. Brazzers, RedTube, YouPorn, Xtube, Reality Kings, and Pornhub are some of its brands today. Although the precise monthly total traffic of these brands is unknown, it has been estimated to number in the tens of billions of visitors. Although he once held the position of being the most influential person in the adult industry, Thylmann apparently has a pretty regular life with a wife and two children. He now owns a start-up incubator and works as an angel investor out of Belgium.

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Know More About Fabian Thylmann

Moreover, Thylmann is renowned for his unusual managerial style, which some workers have referred to as “chaotic” and “unpredictable.” He had a reputation for putting in a lot of overtime and being active in many areas of the company. He was also well-known for his forceful negotiating style and his willingness to take chances.

Thylmann left his position as CEO of MindGeek in 2013, citing personal reasons. He remained a minority shareholder after selling his majority interest in the company to a group of executives for an undisclosed sum. He has mainly avoided the spotlight ever since and has instead concentrated on other businesses, like startups in real estate and technology.

Arrest and Tax Evasion Charges

Fabian Thylmann was detained on suspicion of tax evasion in December 2012. He was taken into custody in Belgium and deported to Germany on suspicion of evading taxes on the profits from his adult business. Fabian was allegedly generating $100 million a year from his vast company while evading local taxes by funneling a large portion of his income and spending through shell corporations based in tax-friendly locations like Cyprus and Curacao.
He swore to defend the tax prosecution and denied doing anything wrong. Following the uproar, Fabian decided to sell his shares in Manwin to senior executives of the business for $100 million. When he consented to pay a $5 million fee to cover overdue taxes and penalties, the charges against him were withdrawn.


In conclusion, Fabian Thylmann is a contentious character who had a big impact on the growth of the online porn business. Even though his techniques and actions might not have always been moral, his contributions to the field cannot be understated. He was a pioneer in the use of technology to challenge established business structures and helped make the internet a significant participant in the adult entertainment sector.

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