Emily in Paris Season 3 Release date cast storyline everything you need to know

In December, Emily in Paris returned for a second season, just in time with some much mindless entertainment. Emily (Lily Collins) once again took viewers on a journey through France as she managed to navigate her cluttered love life, significant work-lifelife, and cartoonishly unexplainable Instagram success. (We also got to bring the hats in.) There are so many hats to wear.) However, when the new season was released all at once on Netflix, there were immediate questions about whether there would be a second. Fortunately, not long after the season 2 premiere, the Netflix deity endowed us all with wonderful news: there will definitely be more seasons of the show.

Season 3 of Netflix was announced with a big surprise.

Emily in Paris is officially returning for a third season, Netflix announced on January 10! Following Emily’s lead, the streamer announced the news on the official Emily in Paris Instagram page. Not only that, but there’s more! The show has also been renewed for a fourth season, which means we won’t have to wait long for new episodes (at least for now).

Changes in the cast have already occurred.

According to Deadline, Lucien Laviscount, who played Alfie in season 2, has been hired as a series regular for season 3. If you recall, Alfie was Emily’s sexy lil London-born love interest last season, so hopefully this means we’ll get to see how their relationship develops.

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There’s still a lot to see and do.

Darren Star, the show’s creator, hasn’t confirmed a third season, but his interviews from season 2 demonstrate how much more the show can explore. He told Variety, “Emily is going to embrace the city a little more.” “She had a bit of a free pass when she first got there, and I don’t think she’ll have it as easy in the second season. “I believe she will be more integrated in terms of living in Paris and overcoming the challenges of learning a language.”

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There are a other characters to explore. “We hired incredible actors as new characters because we wanted all of the other members of the cast to have bigger storylines,” Lily told Entertainment Weekly. In season 2, for example, Mindy (Ashley Park) is seen beginning her career as a singer.

However, regardless of the result in the plot of the show, fans will undoubtedly want it to return for the beautiful locations, outrageous fashion, and sheer ease with which it can be watched. Is it really reasonable for Emily’s company to keep her in Paris for so long? What does it matter? Maybe she’ll take over the company in Season 7.

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