DivorceElvis and Priscilla Presley's Real Reason for Divorcing After 8 Years!

Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Real Reason for Divorcing After 8 Years!

The attention of one’s favorite heartthrob artist is something that most girls can only dream of, but when Priscilla Anne Beaulieu met Elvis Presley, she experienced it herself.

Fans of The King are eager to reminisce about their relationship with the couple as the highly awaited biopic Elvis arrives in theatres.

Elvis immediately demonstrated that he wasn’t only a handsome face and a distinctive voice when he went from behind the mike to behind the camera. He appeared in a number of movies, including his directorial debut Love Me Tender, but was shortly inducted into the military.

He gladly decided to join the police, and he soon received a promotion to sergeant. He initially met Priscilla, then 14 years old, in Germany. She eventually became his wife and his staunchest ally, even after his death.

Elvis and Priscilla First Met by Accident:

Elvis Was Stationed in Germany While Serving in The Military (and Amazingly Managed to Dominate the Music Charts with Unreleased Tracks).

In 1958. He First Met Priscilla Beaulieu at A Gathering at A Friend’s House a Year Later. After Her Stepfather Was Sent There via The United States Air Force, Priscilla Resided There with Her Family. the “Jailhouse Rock” Singer Fell in Love with Her Right Away, and They Practically Lived Together the Entire Time He Was in Germany.

When Elvis Eventually Left Germany in 1960, the Fresh, Young Romance Abruptly Took a Turn. Priscilla Believed She Would Never Speak to Elvis Again After Being Pursued (pun Intended) by The Media to Discuss Their Brief Romance. She then Heard Reports About the Singer’s Relationship with Nancy Sinatra, an Actress.

To Priscilla’s Amazement, Elvis Made Sure to Stay in Touch Even After Returning to The United States. Priscilla’s Parents Eventually Consented to Let Her Stay with The King for Two Weeks as Long as She Followed Certain Very Severe Guidelines.

After Considerable Persuasion, Priscilla Slowly Relocated to Graceland, Elvis Presley’s Memphis Residence, for Those Two Weeks.

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The Couple Had Quite the Unconventional Marriage:

Elvis Proposed to Priscilla Right Before Christmas 1966 After Years of Residing at Graceland, Maintaining the Turbulent Rock Star Lifestyle, and Dodging Allegations of Affairs with Hollywood Leading Ladies. in May 1967, Elvis, 32, and Priscilla, 22, Exchanged Vows in Las Vegas.

Since Some of Elvis’s Acquaintances Opposed the Union and He Reportedly Claimed that He “didn’t Have a Choice,” the 8-Minute Wedding Produced Friction Between the Two.

After Welcoming a Daughter, Elvis and Priscilla Decided It Would Be Best for Them to Part Ways. Priscilla Gave Birth to The Couple’s Sole Child, Lisa Marie Presley, Exactly Nine Months After Their Wedding.

While Elvis’ Career Continued to Flourish (despite His Health Continuing to Deteriorate), Priscilla and Lisa Were Left at Graceland Alone. from The Perspective of The Audience, the Couple’s Marriage Appeared Happy. the Two Decided to Be Divorced in 1973 Following Several Allegations of Indiscretions with His Co-Stars.

After Eight Years of Marriage, Priscilla and Elvis Stayed Close and Even Linked Hands as They Exited the Courthouse Following the Conclusion of Their Divorce.

Graceland Was Entrusted to Priscilla, Who Has Carried on Elvis’ Legacy Ever Since.

Priscilla Remained a Significant Figure in Elvis’ Life Despite Their Divorce. He, Too, Helped Priscilla Open Her First Business in 1973 as Part of His Support for Her Professional Endeavors. the Singer Remained at Graceland until He Was Discovered Asleep on The Grounds on August 16, 1977, at The Age of Only 42.

Lisa Marie, Elvis’s Daughter, Was Designated as The only Heir to His Inheritance After His Passing. Later, in 1982, Priscilla Made the Announcement that Their Home, Graceland, Would Be Transformed Into a Public Memorial Museum for The Late Singer.

She Was Handed Ownership of Elvis Presley Enterprises and Has Since Worked to Protect the Legacy of The Singer, Including by Approving the Upcoming Biopic Elvis in 2022.

When Did Elvis Start Dating Priscilla?

elvis divorce

Although Priscilla’s Parents Didn’t Like It at All, Her Stepfather Urged Them to At Least Meet the Man when It Became Evident She Wouldn’t Stay Away. when Elvis Showed Over for Dinner Prepared to Impress in Full Uniform, Paul Asked Him Directly, “What Do You Want?”

“Well, Sir, I Just so Happen to Really Like Her,” Priscilla Recalled the Story Her Father Was Told by The Man Whose Lower Half Was Censored on His Third Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. “she Is Much More Mature than She Appears to Be, and I Like Being Around Her.

being Away from Home and Everything Hasn’t Been Simple for Me. It Can Be a Little Lonely. I Suppose You Could Say that I Want to Chat with Someone. Captain, You Don’t Need to Be Concerned About Her. I’ll Look After Her Well.”

They Grew “deeply Involved” Despite the Fact that Their Relationship Was Technically Not Consummated, According to Priscilla. “he Had Learned from His Southern Background that The “proper” Girl Should Be Saved for Marriage. that Girl Was Me. He Also Shaped Me Into His Lady at The Same Time. I Donned His Carefully Chosen Outfits, Hairdo, and Cosmetics of Him.”

She Soon Began to Feel Bad About Having to Share Him with So Many Others.

I Wasn’t Genuinely Pleased until Late at Night when We Were in His Bedroom, She Recalled to People. She mentioned a Place Where They Used to Kiss and Converse for Hours. Prior to Their Wedding Night, According to Priscilla, They Never Had Any Sexual Relations.

But as She Began to Fall Behind in Class, He Offered Her Some Pills One Evening to Help Her Stay Awake the Following Day. when She Later Learned that They Were Dexedrine—amphetamines, that Is, Which Elvis Started Using when He Joined the Army—she Decided Not to Take Them.

Did Elvis and Priscilla Presley Divorce Peacefully?

They Exited the Courtroom Holding Hands After Their Divorce Was Officially Confirmed in 1973. Priscilla Was only 28 Years Old. (the Star of Naked Gun Later Wed Marco Garibaldi in 1984. in 1987, They Had a Son Named Navarone, and They Got Divorced in 2006.)

Later that year, Priscilla Brought Lisa Marie to One of Elvis’ Las Vegas Performances, Where the Performer Paid Tribute to His Ex (“she’s a Beautiful Chick, I’ll Tell You for Sure, Boy”) and Assured the Crowd that They Were Still “the Best of Friends” as Part of A Lengthy Off-The-Cuff Monologue that Had Recently Become a Staple of His Act.

“Not Because of Another Man or Woman, He Added, “but Due to The Circumstances Surrounding My Professional Life. I Was Away from Home Far Too Frequently. It Wasn’t Fair to Her, in My Opinion.”

He Boasted that She Handed Him a $42,000 Rolls Royce in Exchange for Their $2 Million Divorce Settlement, Which He Had Joked About Giving Her in Exchange for A White Mink Coat.

That Describes Our Relationship, He Remarked.

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Priscilla Revealed to People in 1978 that She Continued to Accompany Lisa Marie to Graceland “just as We Never Got Divorced. Elvis and I Still Gave Each Other Hugs and Were Still in Love. We Used the Pronouns “mommy Said” and “daddy Said.” that Made Lisa Feel More Secure. Never Did Anyone Argue or Harbor Resentment.”

After Many Years, She Told People Last Year, “I Sincerely Cherish the Great Times.” “There Are Always Concerns and Uncertainties as You Mature. but As You Age, You Realize Everything.”

Unfortunately, Elvis Didn’t Age Much. His Health Began to Decline as A Result of Being Addicted to Medications, Being Surrounded by Yes Men, and Consuming Enough Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches to Assure that The combination would always be known as “The Elvis.” At the age of 42, the living legend passed away at Graceland on August 16, 1977, from a heart attack.

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