Dylan Schneider Enjoys Dustin Lynch, Over-Sized at Vs, and Country Music with His Ladies.

Dylan Schneider is from Indiana and is 22 years old. If he wasn’t trying to make a career in country music, he would be in college. Schneider, like many men his age, doesn’t talk to girls between senior-level classes. Instead, he dresses influencers in frayed denim cut-offs and puts them on jacked-up ATVs to go mudding for his “Girls Country” music video.

People are showing the high-action clip for the first time. It was shot at a Granger Smith event in Austin, Texas, and stars influential people like Caden McGuire, Blake Moore, Hannah Barron, and more. Schneider said there was mud sledding, bonfires, and even riding bulls.

Dylan Schneider Likes His Girls Country, His ATVs Over-Sized — and Dustin Lynch

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Dylan Schneider says, “We got a lot of cool footage from that whole day.” When they went back to Nashville, they shot the performance scenes in more rural areas on the outskirts of town. “Having all my friends involved made it feel more fun and country, which I think people will really like.”

Schneider’s five-song EP College Town includes the fan-favorite “Lost in a Small Town” and “Right Girl” as well as “Girls Country.”

“Girls Country” was written by Schneider and his co-writers in about 45 minutes, once they got going. But it took a while for them to come up with an idea. Before the idea for “Girls Country” came to him, everyone looked through their phones for song ideas but came up empty.

He says, “It just kind of felt right.” “We lived it with the “I like my girls” country, that’s for sure. But it also means, “I like many country things.” We added that whole idea to the mix, and we wanted to write something fun. It’s a fast-paced song that gets right in your face. Sometimes it seems like those would be the easiest, but getting a good one is the hardest. When we came up with that idea, we thought it was fun and different, so we had to share it.”

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Dylan Schneider Likes His Girls Country, His ATVs Over-Sized — and Dustin Lynch

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Schneider started playing country music when he was about 15 and taught himself how to sing and strum the guitar. He played wherever he was allowed to, like pizza places and biker bars. Dustin Lynch was one of his dad’s favorite singers, and he and his dad went to a lot of concerts together.

Schneider put videos of himself singing cover songs and his own songs on social media, which got him noticed. After a year, some people from Nashville got in touch with him and asked him to come to write in Music City. As his career path became clear, his life changed. When he first got enough money to go to a concert, he took his dad to see David Lynch.

“It was a crazy trip at the time, but I didn’t want to do anything else,” he says. “I jumped right in and was very happy about it.”

Schneider helped write Dustin Lynch’s hit song “Mama’s House” when he was 18 years old. The singer Michael Lotten and co-writers Rodney Clawson and Justin Wilson wrote the song for Schneider to sing, but the song didn’t impress him. He says that he likes it more now than he did when he was younger, and he loves that his first radio song was by Lynch.

Schneider says, “The cool thing is that Dustin has put a few songs on hold that he might want to do, even if they didn’t make the cut.” “I feel like it’s always him, and I know that he’s heard some of my music, which his fans like. It’s definitely a full-circle moment.”

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