During the Commercial Break for “WWHL,” Andy Cohen Burns His Hand.

When Wednesday reported for the first time on his Instagram that he had gotten into a smelly cab in New York, he didn’t have a good day. He said on his account, “You just can’t believe the smell in this cab… I really believe that this car contains a dead animal. Okay, I’m just sharing it to kill time and distract myself from this smell,” and then got into a fight with the driver, as shown on the next slide: “UPDATE: We are engaged in a fierce conflict because he misunderstood me.

It’s not going well at all. Later on during filming, Cohen’s situation worsened when he burned his hand when grabbing a curling iron by the barrel during a commercial break.

Andy Cohen burns his hand during 'WWHL' commercial break

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“Welcome back,” stated Cohen after the intermission. Watch events unfold live. I’m Andy Cohen in the clubhouse, where people can get too drunk and say something outrageous or burn themselves by grabbing Carole Brooks’ curling iron with their hands during the commercial break.

“Oh boy. I’m hurting. Cohen fanned himself and responded, “I’m not joking. The host grasped the heated barrel with his hand and pushed it aside to obtain his question cards while explaining that he didn’t know how a curling iron worked.

Despite the discomfort, Cohen resumed his live program while holding ice in his burned hand, despite the fact that the control room and viewers at home afterward informed him that doing so was bad for a burn. During the live broadcast, many fans expressed their worries about Cohen on Twitter:

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Cohen eventually received some burn cream and bandages for his fingers, and he appeared to be alright. He did admit, though, that he was shaking, which he found to be “very odd.”

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