How Do I Install the Drunk Lyrics Game App?

The most downloaded app on the internet right now is the drunk lyrics game, which was just released. It works with Android devices running 5.0 or later. Because it doesn’t require registration or payment at any point, it is the most popular among users.

How Can I Use the Drunk Lyrics I Phone Game?

  • You can begin playing the game after installing it on your iPhone.
  • You can play alone or with other people.
  • You must play by a set of rules that are specific to the game.

Your opponent chooses one card from a selection of available cards. There will be a word in it that you must use to begin your song. The process will then proceed alternately between you and your opponents. You have 30 seconds to finish as many cards as you can to earn the greatest score.

drunk lyrics game

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How Can I Get the Drunk Lyrics Game App?

  • Download
  • You will be taken to the download page if you click the download button above.
  • The APK will now begin the process if you click the download button.
  • Search for the APK file after navigating to your file manager.
  • To download the program, click the file.

Now that the Drink Lyrics Game App is installed on your device, you can start playing it with only one touch.

drunk lyrics game

Is It Real?

Installing and using the app is completely safe and legal. The program has a large user base, and we haven’t yet heard any serious concerns about it. Before making a purchase, make sure to test your equipment out for a few days to see how it performs.

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Is the Drunk Lyrics App Gratis?

Although it offers both free and paid options, you can choose how much you want to use it. Investing is an option if you’re happy and wish to advance your experience. Alternatively, you can continue to use the one that is free.


Too much joy exists in this game to play it online. Due to our ongoing need to find fresh entertainment while relaxing on the couch, this epidemic has created a huge space for these apps to flourish and become well-known. You can perk yourself up with its newest arrival after a long day or a boring meeting.

It’s possible that Google won’t validate this game, therefore rely on third-party apps. If you want to play the game uninterrupted, make sure your internet connection is reliable.

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