AnimeDragon Ball Super TV Anime To Return In 2023!! Here’s Everything To...

Dragon Ball Super TV Anime To Return In 2023!! Here’s Everything To Know

Dragon Ball is again in the headlines with the confirmation of the return of Dragon Ball Super TV anime next year. Goku and his friends will return to the world of anime for another time, and fans are going insane after receiving the news

Dragon Ball Super, the canonical successor to the ever-popular Dragon Ball Z, ended its first run back in 2018 and fans have been awaiting its return ever since.

According to the Twitter user and reliable Dragon Ball leaker @DBSChronicles, Goku will soon return to the world of weekly broadcast TV with a new continuation of the Dragon Ball Super anime series. DBSChronicles states the new season will be set after the Universe Survival Saga that concluded the original 2015 anime series

Is The Dragon Ball Super TV Anime Coming Back?

The source has not mentioned whether the upcoming part would be a direct installation of the Galactic Prisoner Patrol Saga or an adaptation after Granola the Survivor Saga

According to insider DBSChronicles, the seven balls have been gathered and the eternal dragon has finally granted their wish: the series is being resurrected.

Dragon Ball Super TV Anime Rumours

Dragon Ball Super TV

As per a tweet by DBS Chronicles, who has been a credible source for the franchise, there are two new projects in the works. One is a weekly anime set after the “Universe Survival Arc,” which is the last arc of the Super anime. And the other is a new movie set after Super Heroes. DBS Chronicles has also stated that they are not sure when, but the anime will be announced in 2022.

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Dragon Ball Super TV anime reportedly returning in 2023

In a Twitter thread, DBSChronicles revealed that weekly episodes are in production and the series will be making its grand return later next year.

The insider further stated that the series will be taking place, as many expected, after the Universe Survival Arc. However, it’s unclear if the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be retold in the anime.

The series producer, Akio Iyoku had once stated that the movie and series would not collide with each other under any circumstance for there would be definitely a 2-3 years of gap between the release of the two.

Fans become crazy after hearing the news of the Dragon Ball Super TV Anime. However, the leaker does not reveal the appropriate details about the upcoming season




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