Dr. Strange 2 end credit scene explained

Dr. Strange 2
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Wanda Maxmioff is brought in to assist him to cope with the ramifications. In this episode, two major MCU characters’ stories collide in a magical spotlight for a magic-user. The Sam Raimi film is far more psychedelic than advertised. The good news is that we’ve already gone overall you need to know about Doctor Strange 2’s narrative, finale, and post-credits sequences. You’re welcome, too.

Doctor Stranger Recap

Are there any shortcuts? Nope. Before diving, it’s usually a good idea to go through the film’s important events.  No Way Home, Marvel’s mind-bending picture takes up. In order to heal the universe, Doctor Strange must return to his regular existence (whatever that means) and undo the damage he caused by casting his spell. 

America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), a newbie to the MCU, has the ability to construct star-shaped portals and travel around the universe. Strange initially encounters Chavez, a little girl who is being chased by monsters in New York City’s streets. A strong witch is what Strange thinks is his best bet, but who sends those awful creatures after America because she wants her powers? 

It’s Wanda, no prizes for guessing. As the Scarlet Witch, the character desires America’s multiverse-hopping powers in order to get her twin sons, Tommy and Billy, whom she has always wanted. After WandaVision, she has taken control of the Darkhold, or maybe the ancient book of spells has taken control of her as the corruption continues to spread. 

Doctor Strange 2 Ending scene explained

Everything that has transpired throughout the course of the film — from the twists and turns to Sam Raimi’s trademark freakiness — culminates in a climactic fight. At Kamar-Taj, Wanda takes out a slew of sorcerers and Illuminati members.

 America is brought to Wundagore Mountain, where she sacrifices the child and learns to use her abilities. Wong (Benedict Wong), the Sorcerer Supreme, lies comatose on the hillside while all of this is going on.  A part of me believes Strange has the Book somewhere. Strange’s other self has different ideas, though. You see, he’s been killing alternate versions of Strange, even intruding into their REMs.  The two engage in a full-scale fight. 

In the end, our Strange is victorious, which is good news. At the very moment that Strange is going to utilize the Darkhold to aid America, Christine joins him. As he continues to wander in his sleep, he gives Christine the job of guarding his body. We first see Defender Strange’s body as he goes on his “dream wandering” journey. It is Zombie Strange who transforms into Scarlet Witch in time to meet him in Wundagore.

So, is Wanda dead or not?

Wanda’s fury results in the deaths of a number of characters in the film. Black Bolt is all killed by her when she embarks on a rampage against the Illuminati (Anson Mount). There is one character who did not die, though, and that is Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). 

Wanda, it seems, has also met her end. Fans of WandaVision are likely to be disappointed with the show’s conclusion, which sabotages it in a major manner. Wanda dealt with her sorrow throughout the course of the series’ sad arc, which included a number of individual tragedies. Her decision to leave Westview and lead a solitary life was seen as a type of closure or atonement. Her death occurs at the height of her villainy, as shown in the film. Wanda, however, may not be done yet, since there may be more Wanda’s out there.

In the post-credits sequence, what happened?

After the film’s conclusion, there are two post-credits sequences. While the first tease is a prank on eager fans, the second introduces a new character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He too has been impacted by the Darkhold, which is shown when Strange’s third eye is seen. 

That’s not everything that caught me off guard. Arriving in New York, we also meet Charlize Theron’s Clea. In the comics, Clea is Dormammu’s sister and the Dark Dimension’s Sorcerer Supreme. 

Dr. Strange is summoned back to deal with the multiverse damage caused by his last excursion in a purple suit.  There’s a chance they’ll be sucked into the Shadow Realm. So he hasn’t finished the multiverse yet.

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