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Dr Doug Weiss Wife Divorce: Dr Doug Weiss Wiki, Bio, Career, Personal life & More

Dr Doug Weiss Divorce:- Renowned psychologist and author Dr. Doug Weiss has written numerous books on marital relationships and sex addiction. Dr. Weiss’s own marital situation has, however, come under scrutiny recently.
The divorce of Dr. Doug Weiss and his wife, Lisa Weiss, in 2022 generated media attention and discussion among his supporters. We shall go into the specifics of Dr. Source Doug Weiss’s divorce, his marriage to Lisa, and his life and career in this post.

Dr Doug Weiss Divorce

Doug Weiss, MD, divorce After 30 years of marriage, Dr. Doug Weiss’s divorce from wife Lisa was finally formalized in 2022. Together, the couple has four kids. Many people were shocked to hear about the divorce, especially given Dr. Weiss’s standing as a marriage and sex therapist. Nonetheless, sources claim that the divorce was not brought about by adultery or any other sensational factor. The couple just realized they were no longer compatible as a result of their growing distance from one another.

Dr Doug Weiss Wife

Dr. Doug Weiss’s wife of 30 years, Lisa Weiss, is a physician. She worked with Dr. Weiss in his office as a registered nurse. The couple, who had been together since they were youngsters, had four kids together. Lisa has not revealed anything about the divorce in the media.

Early life

Psychotherapist Doug Weiss was born on April 18, 1962. In 2000, Weiss relocated his family and counseling practice from Fort Worth, Texas, to Colorado Springs. The highly educated Dr. Weiss has made it his life’s work to assist people through therapy and ministry. His Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry gave him the groundwork he needed to start his path towards becoming a counselor.

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Dr. Weiss continued on this path, earning dual master’s degrees in theology and marriage and family therapy, which enabled him to develop an even deeper knowledge of how faith can aid in the emotional healing of individuals. Dr. Weiss continued his education by obtaining a PhD in psychology, but he did not stop there. With this degree, he was able to see mental health problems from an even wider angle and broaden the scope of his practice beyond counseling for religion.

Doug Weiss Career

Douglas is a very talented person who has made important advancements in the counseling industry. Doug founded and serves as executive director of the Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs. For people seeking assistance with a range of mental health difficulties, this center offers extensive counseling services. Weiss formed the National Society for Sex Addiction Treatment in addition to his work at Heart to Heart Counseling Center (AASAT).
He has played a significant role in the education and certification of pastoral counselors, professional counselors, and coaches in the field of treating sexual addiction as the president of AASAT. His knowledge of this subject has prompted him to tour the nation giving lectures and training sessions to therapists. Weiss can take pride in launching his Heart to Heart website back in December 1995, which is a noteworthy accomplishment. The website acts as a central information source where users may find details about the many counseling services the center provides.

Doug Weiss Biography

Real Name Dr. Douglas Weiss
Birth Date April 18, 1962
Age (as of 2023) 60 Years
Hometown Colorado Springs, USA
Profession Professional Counselor
College United Wesleyan College
Qualification Graduate
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Physical Statistics

Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown

Relationship Status

Marital Status Engaged
Who is his fiancee? Joni Lamb
Children Two

Personal Life

At the moment, Douglas is engaged to Daystar Network executive producer Joni Lamb. Joni posted on Instagram to share the news of their engagement, writing,

Watch Table Talk tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET to hear me share some special news with @PsJimmyEvans. I do believe God has blessed me with a godly man. On Table Talk, I will be telling the tale together with those who accompanied me on this unexpected adventure.
Doug previously married Lisa, and they were together for more than 25 years. They initially met while working as business partners and coworkers at the Heart to Heart Counseling Center. Their working relationship developed into a romantic one over time, and they eventually got married and had a child together. Their relationship is solid and has endured the test of time because they genuinely love, respect, and support each other’s goals. Together, they are parents to two kids.

Doug Weiss Net Worth 2023

Doug Weiss’ net worth as of the current year (2023) spans from $1 million to $5 million, indicating a strong financial position for him. With such a tremendous accomplishment to date, it will be interesting to see how much Doug Weiss’s net worth increases in the upcoming years. Being a successful person whose only source of income is his career, Doug Weiss has seen a large increase in his net worth between 2021 and 2023.

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  • Weiss is a very talented author with a large body of work that includes more than 40 volumes. His entire life’s work has been devoted to assisting individuals, couples, and families in overcoming obstacles that they might be encountering in their personal or professional lives.
  • Weiss coined the phrase “intimacy anorexia,” which is defined as the refusal of a married individual to share emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy with their spouse.
  • Dr. Weiss offers a variety of therapy DVDs that are tailored to men, women, and marriages in addition to his outstanding catalogue of published works.

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