Dj Mustard Has Filed for Divorce from Wife Chanel Thierry in Just 2 Years of Marriage!

DJ and record producer DJ Mustard, who was born in California, has requested a divorce from Chanel McFarlane. The filing’s justification was “Irreconcilable Differences,” according to Mustard, 31.

His wife has been silent ever since the news, but today she has spoken up and shared with the public what the experience meant to her.

Just a few months remain till the couple’s second wedding anniversary after dating for more than 12 years. Kaylan, Kauner, and Kody, who are all under 10 years old, are three of McFarlane and Mustard’s young children.

The filing also contains information about Mustard’s request for shared legal and physical custody of the kids with his estranged wife.

The beatmaker, whose real name is Dijon McFarlane, and McFarlane, whose maiden name is Thierry, previously discussed how far their relationship had progressed. She revealed that ever since they first met when she was only 16 years old, she has known the beatmaker is the one.

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Before getting engaged in 2018 and getting hitched in 2020, the pair dated for a while. The grandiose wedding they had originally planned had to be postponed because of the pandemic.

Instead, in October 2020, the couple celebrated their nuptials over a romantic supper with their nearest and dearest.

Prenuptial agreements were in effect before the couple exchanged vows, according to Mustard’s filing. It is unclear whether McFarlane would receive spousal support and the specifics of the prenuptial agreement have not been made public.

dj mustard divorce

Although Mustard has not spoken on the matter in public, TMZ has confirmed the breakup. On the other side, McFarlane broke her quiet and posted a few comments on Instagram regarding the events.

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Thank you for the warm words, consolations, and prayers, the author wrote. My family means the world to me, as anyone who has followed me or knows me personally can attest. It is more [than] heartbreaking to watch things come to an end after 12 years of faithful service.


Many people were shocked by the news, but some people theorized that Chanel may have previously made suggestions about her relationship with her boyfriend. In her more recent Instagram postings, the lifestyle blogger did not wear her wedding band.

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As some people may remember, McFarlane, posted a photo of her $500,000 bespoke ring on Instagram in 2018 after the couple was engaged. The affection the 30-year-old had for her high school boyfriend was described in great depth in the post’s description.

You assured me that “I got you, I got us” when I became pregnant with Key, she wrote. I quit college, left my mother’s house, spent some time in Yg’s garage (yup, love will do that), then moved in with your mothers till we had enough cash to rent an apartment.

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Beautiful, huh? The musician and influencer’s fans continue to wish them luck in their future undertakings and have expressed their surprise at the split in public forums.

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