Dionne Warwick Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Personal life & More

Dionne Warwick Net Worth 2023

$500 Thousand

What is Dionne Warwick net worth?

American singer, actress, and television host Dionne Warwick has a $300,000 net worth. In addition, Warwick served as the US ambassador to the United Nations for health and as the Food and Agricultural Organization’s global ambassador.
Dionne’s net worth once fluctuated between being substantially more and minus $10 million. Dionne has intermittently struggled with money issues in recent years. She declared to a court that she had less than $25,000 in assets and more than $10 million in debt when she filed for personal bankruptcy in 2013. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head and “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” are two of Warwick’s best-known songs.

Dionne Warwick Biography

On December 12, 1940, Marie Dionne Warrick was born in East Orange, New Jersey, in the United States. She attended Hartford, Hartt, Dionne, and Warwick Universities. She has been working professionally since 1955 as a singer, actress, and television personality.

Age | State of Origin

On December 12, 1940, Marie Dionne Warrick was born in East Orange, New Jersey, in the United States. She will be 82 years old in 2022. She will be 83 years old by 2023. She will be 84 years old by 2024. [1]

Husband | Children

In 1966, Dionne Warwick married percussionist and actor William Elliott. After divorcing in May 1967, they later made amends and got remarried in August 1967 in Milan, Italy. On January 18, 1969, Warwick gave birth to her first child, David Elliott, while residing in East Orange, New Jersey. [2]

Damon Elliott, her second son, was born in 1973. However, there were some difficulties in Warwick and Elliott’s marriage. The couple split up on May 30, 1975, and Warwick received a divorce in Los Angeles in December of that same year.

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The court rejected Elliott’s requests for $5,000 when he insisted that his monthly income of $500 was significantly less than Warwick’s monthly income of $100,000 (equivalent to $504,000 in 2021) and for $2,000 per month (equivalent to $10,100 in 2021) in support while a community property trial was ongoing.

Warwick has said in interviews that she was the main provider in the union and that Elliott had trouble with the thought of being reliant on her for money. Warwick has kept in good contact with her sons despite the difficulties in her marriage and credits them with giving her life meaning and joy.

Parents | Family

In East Orange, New Jersey, on December 12, 1940, Marie Dionne Warrick became Dionne Warwick. Mancel Warrick and Lee Drinkard were her parents. Dionne’s aunt Emily “Cissy” Houston was a member of the gospel group the Drinkard Singers, which was managed by her mother Lee, a gospel singer.

Mancel, Dionne’s father, worked as a cook, record promoter, porter, and CPA. Dionne was exposed to gospel music at a young age because she was raised in a musical family. When she was a little child, she started singing in church, and when she was a teenager, she joined the gospel group the Drinkard Singers.

In the New Jersey region, the ensemble performed in a range of locations, including churches and community gatherings. Despite coming from a musical family, Dionne had several difficulties as a young child.

When she was a young child, her parents divorced, and she and her sister, Dee Dee, moved in with their mother to live in a modest apartment in East Orange. Due to her Black American and Native American origins, Dionne has also made public statements about experiencing prejudice and discrimination as a child.

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Yet Dionne’s affinity for music gave her a way to express herself, and after graduating from high school in 1959 in West Hartford, Connecticut, she continued her studies there. She later enjoyed success in her careers as a singer, composer, and actress and won various honors and commendations for them.


Dionne Warwick’s music career started in the early 1960s when Burt Bacharach and Hal David heard her doing background vocals for other musicians. They started writing songs together for Warwick to record, and “Don’t Make Me Over,” her first significant hit, was released in 1962.

She later collaborated with Bacharach and David to produce a ton of other songs, such as “Walk on By,” “I Say a Little Prayer,” and “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” Warwick has earned five Grammy Awards and sold more than 75 million recordings globally throughout the years.

She has collaborated with many different musicians, including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Gladys Knight, and has released music in a range of genres, including pop, R&B, and gospel. Warwick has a background in acting and has appeared in both movies and television programs.

She played her first movie role in the 1972 picture “Slaves,” and she later appeared in “The Love Machine” and “Joey Boy,” among other movies. She appeared on television in supporting roles on programs including “Hart to Hart” and “The Cosby Show” and hosted her own program, “Solid Gold,” in the 1980s.

Throughout her career, Warwick has been involved in numerous different commercial endeavors, including running her own record label and perfume line. She continues to be a well-liked and significant presence in the music industry, despite some financial difficulties in recent years.

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Personal Life

Dionne got divorced in May 1967 after getting married to actor William David Elliott in 1966. In August 1967, they got remarried in Milan, Italy. David, their first child, was born in January 1969. Their second child, Damon, was born in 1973. Bill and Dionne separated in December 1975.

In 2002, Warwick was detained for marijuana possession at the Miami International Airport. She allegedly had 11 marijuana cigarettes stashed inside her carry-on luggage in a lipstick container. She was accused of having less than five grams of marijuana.

Money Problems

Dionne Warwick announced in March 2013 that she was totally bankrupt and owed an estimated $10 million in overdue taxes. Dionne listed only $25,000 in assets in her bankruptcy declaration, along with $10.2 million in debts, at the time. Her monthly income was recorded as $20,000 and her monthly spending as $21,000 in the same form.

Warwick was included among the Top 250 Delinquent Taxpayers in October 2007. More than $2.7 million in back taxes were owed by her. The IRS discovered that Warwick’s tax burden was primarily the result of an accounting order. In 2009, the IRS released $1.2 million of the tax lien.

Real Estate

Warwick was residing in a rented, detached house in South Orange, New Jersey, when she declared bankruptcy in 2013.

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