Celebrity"love Is Blind" Couple Deepti and Kyle: Split or Together? Exclusive Scoop!

“love Is Blind” Couple Deepti and Kyle: Split or Together? Exclusive Scoop!

The Magnificent, Unseen Stars of Love Are Blind The relationship between Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati has been confirmed. After months of speculation from fans, the two finally went public with their relationship.

The second season of Love Is Blind: After the Altar premiered on Netflix this past Friday with three all-new episodes.

The cameras then moved to the newly formed pair as they discussed their next steps together.

After seeing Kyle and Deepti officially declare their love for one another, fans couldn’t contain their excitement and flocked to social media to express their good wishes to the happy pair.

One supporter went so far as to say, “We need Deepti and Kyle to be in love. They deserve each other and happiness.”

Sometime in Early March of 2022, Rumours Began Circulating that Deepti and Kyle Were Dating

deepti and kyle divorce

At the Season 2 Reunion of Love Is Blind, Kyle Admitted that He Deeply Regrets Not Going Farther with Deepti Instead of Shaina Hurley.

Kyle’s Flirtatious Instagram Comments Hinted to A Possible Relationship with The Love Is Blind Favourite, Who Is Also a Fan Favourite.

On March 5, 2022, Kyle Uploaded a Tik Tok, Prompting Rumours that He Was Hooking up With Deepti.

In the Tik Tok, Kyle Can Be Seen Smiling at The Camera Before Gradually Sliding It to One Side, and In a Brief, Almost Imperceptible Instant, Viewers Will Catch a Glimpse of Deepti Standing Slightly to The Side, Also Smiling.

Fans Then Discovered Some Flirtatious Comments Between Deepti and Kyle on Instagram, Which Raised Even More Eyebrows.

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The Audience Sees Deepti and Kyle Chatting After the Altar in Love Is Blind. the Pair Openly Acknowledges Their Deepening Friendship.

For Kyle, Losing Deepti as A Friend Would Be Devastating

deepti and kyle divorce

Deepti and Kyle Insist Throughout Love Is Blind: After the Altar that They Feel Romantically Invested in One Another.

But Kyle Is Worried that Taking that Step Could Damage His Bond with Deepti.

Kyle Admits to The Cameras, “we’re Basically Acting Like We’re Dating.” Nobody Goes Home with Us, We Don’t Spend the Night Together, and We Don’t Wake up Together in The Morning.

Therefore, We Present the Appearance of Being in A Relationship Even While None Actually Exists. if Any of Us Doesn’t Receive What We Want, I’m Going to Be Really Disappointed.

Then that Will Separate Us and Cause Us to Drift Apart or Grow Distant from One Another.

Who Did Love Is Blind’s Kyle and Deepti Start out With?

deepti and kyle divorce

Fans May Recall that After the Pilot Episode, Kyle Was Linked to Shaina Hurley. They Tried to Get Past Their Religious Differences, but In Episode 6 Shaina Broke up With Kyle to Seek Another Relationship. Shayne

Deepti Was Put Through Her Paces on The Show, but She Dealt with The Stress Admirably.

Viewers Were on The Edge of Their Seats as Shake and Deepti Prepared to Say Wedding Vows, Given His Constant Backbiting Throughout the Show About How He Doesn’t Find Her Physically Beautiful.

So, This Is Where They Are Right Now

deepti and kyle divorce

Each Couple Faces the Age-Old Dilemma of Whether or Not Love Is Genuinely Blind when They Stand at The Altar on Their Wedding Days and Decide Whether or Not to Marry.

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In Season 2 of Love Is Blind, Deepti and Kyle Didn’t Date Each Other but Instead Began Dating After Breaking up With Their Respective Lovers, Shake Chaterjee (whom Deepti Broke up With at Their Wedding in The Finale) and Shaina (who Broke up With Kyle After Their Honeymoon).

On the September 2022 Finale of Love Is Blind: After the Altar, Deepti and Kyle Came out As a Couple.

The Audience Sees Deepti and Kyle Chatting After the Altar in Love Is Blind. the Pair Openly Acknowledges Their Deepening Friendship.


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