ControversyA Detailed Timeline of Da Baby's Homophobic Comments and Conflicts!

A Detailed Timeline of Da Baby’s Homophobic Comments and Conflicts!

DaBaby has been the subject of a number of issues this year, which have led to his being criticized by other celebrities, businesses, and festivals.

Since his first No. 1 smash, “Rockstar,” was named 2020’s song of the summer and nominated for record of the year at the 2021 Grammy Awards, the 29-year-old rapper, the actual name Jonathan Kirk, has been basking in a much brighter limelight.

His remarks and deeds, though, have also come under more scrutiny. DaBaby has received the most criticism for his work with Tory Lanez, who is accused of abusing him, and for his homophobic remarks spoken onstage.

The Full History of His Detractors Is Shown Here.

Da Baby Was Ridiculed Online in January 2021 for Working with Tory Lanez.

dababy controversy

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On January 5, Tory Lanez hinted at a pending project with DaBaby.

Shortly after Lanez was accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, he made the statement, which was devoid of song details or a release date.

In July 2020, Megan had surgery to remove the bullets after being shot in both of her feet. She publicly identified Lanez as her attacker a month later, and she has subsequently called the assault “the worst experience of my life.”

Lanez entered a not guilty plea in November and has since denied shooting Megan.

Many DaBaby supporters condemned the decision to work with Lanez, pointing out the latter’s relationship with Megan. The two rappers have worked together twice; DaBaby was a featured artist on Megan’s singles “Cash S—-” in 2019 and “Cry Baby” in 2020.

Megan at the time protected DaBaby from the wrath. In response to a tweet from a fan, she asserted that Lanez was intending to exploit DaBaby’s voice without authorization by saying that his feature was “ancient” and “not cleared.”

In June 2021, Megan Thee Stallion Appeared to Criticize Da Baby for Backing Lanez.

dababy controversy

DaBaby is prominently featured in the song “Skat,” which Lanez promised to release, and she also appears in the music video.

I assume @DaBabyDaBaby and @torylanez cool now [since] [they] both shot somebody and don’t have to serve no jail time,” said a tweet that was reshared by DaBaby’s official Twitter account shortly after.

On June 19, Megan appeared to respond to the circumstance with a tweet of her own, which was generally interpreted as a criticism of DaBaby’s actions.

Support me privately, then publicly take a different tack—these businessmen are extremely odd, she added. This isn’t any dang “conflict,” and I really wish people would stop treating it like some sort of online shit to get likes and retweets.

DaBaby, though, stated that there was a problem or error that led to the retweet. After that, it was deleted from his page.

Additionally, he immediately reacted to Megan’s remark by saying he has “no bad vibe” for her.

He stated in his letter, “You do let these individuals get the best of you. “Stay focused my buddy. Don’t feel like I’m against ya. Stand on what you stand on.”

Immediately Following Megan’s Performance on July 25, 2021, Da Baby Pulled Lanez Onstage During His Set at Rolling Loud.

dababy controversy

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On Sunday, DaBaby performed at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami. On the same stage, he took the stage immediately after Megan finished.

DaBaby invited Lanez on stage to perform “Skat” during his set.

As soon as DaBaby appeared online, fans expressed their disgust and discomfort: “This guy was never Megan’s pal,” reads one tweet with more than 50,000 likes.

Variety described the action as “obviously offensive” and added that DaBaby’s prior support for Megan now appears “disingenuous.”

During His Performance, He Also Said Derogatory Things About Gay Men and Those with HIV/AIDS.

After a video of the rapper, DaBaby making homophobic remarks onstage became viral online, and criticism of his performance started to increase.

He instructed them to turn off their cell phones if they had HIV, AIDS, or any other sexually transmitted disease that would cause them to pass away within two to three weeks. Put your cell phone on lighter mode, guys, if you’re not sucking s—- in the parking lot.

DaBaby’s remarks “focus around the myth that LGBT guys are promiscuous, unclean, and disease-ridden,” according to a widely shared Instagram post by Matt Bernstein.

Furthermore, contrary to DaBaby’s assertion, HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence because of advances in treatment.

According to Ayomikun Adekaiyero of Insider, HIV-positive patients who follow the directions for their antiretroviral therapy (ART) can survive well into their 80s. Additionally, the drug reduces the viral load of the patient to undetectable levels, making it virtually hard for the patient to transmit the virus to another person.


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