Cricket: A Review of Our 2022 Service Plans

Cricket Wireless is known for offering inexpensive plans on reliable networks. There are some deliciously affordable Cricket Wireless plans, despite the advertising’s potential for annoyance. Due to the way Cricket makes use of AT&T’s mobile network, you also receive respectable coverage.

Plans from Cricket Unlimited

Get ready for a limited, unlimited situation.

Although they don’t really mean what they say, Cricket does offer unlimited wifi services. You get unlimited data, so you can use Facebook or Twitter while you’re waiting for the bus without worrying about running out, but don’t anticipate super-fast speeds.

Thankfully, there are no restrictions on limitless texting or calls.

cricket phones

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Plans from Cricket Unlimited

Cricket’s greatest strength isn’t variety. The decision to set up autopay is the only actual difference between the plans offered by Cricket Wireless.

Here’s some expert advice: set up autopay to save a few dollars each month. By doing that, you can have a wireless bill that is incredibly affordable.

The major drawback with Cricket Wireless plans is that download and streaming speeds are both capped at 3 Mbps.

In other words, your connection will be slower than it would be with another mobile provider.

We’re obviously referring to a few more seconds when you’re searching for something. You can acquire a reasonably priced unlimited package if you’re somewhat patient with your internet and streaming speeds.

Comparison of Cricket Unlimited Plans

Don’t you just adore it when you sort search results by price and discover an incredibly cheap option? Cricket Wireless can help with that.

Remember that Cricket’s wireless data speeds are somewhat poor before you get too enthusiastic. It’s also not like a “Tortoise and the Hare” scenario. Everyone else is the hare, and in this situation, cricket is the tortoise, and it loses miserably.

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However, you can still get a very affordable wireless package with a good network provided you can live with slower internet speeds and mediocre streaming quality.

Family Plans for Cricket Wireless

Family budgets for life!

There are three different Cricket family plans, but since the Group Save non-unlimited option costs the same as the Unlimited Plan, you should probably simply disregard it. Why would you pay the same price for fewer data, seriously? We may never fully comprehend some things.)

Why then would you choose the more costly Cricket plan? The primary distinction is speed. In contrast to the 3 Mbps download limits, you enjoy 4G LTE speeds with the Unlimited Extra plan (real slow).

You should probably assess how much you value fast internet speeds before choosing a plan. By choosing the slower speed, you can save quite a bit of money, but you may also be sacrificing some of your sanity. second by second. while awaiting the loading of your Instagram stories.

Let’s now contrast Cricket’s family plans with those offered by other well-known carriers.

Comparison of Cricket Wireless Family Plans

The family plans offered by Cricket are not as inexpensive as the individual unlimited plans. It’s frustrating that the family plans aren’t considerably less expensive than the alternatives.

When it comes to family plans, Metro by T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless are practically the Spider-Man pointing meme. Both have comparable pricing, but neither has blazingly fast speeds. Comparing Cricket to Metro, you might be able to save some money upfront.

With regards to speed, Cricket is the same as always. Although the Cricket family plans are quite affordable, they don’t offer particularly fast internet.

Mobile phones and gadgets from Cricket

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Good news: Cricket offers the majority of new phones.

The majority of current flagship phones are compatible with Cricket. You may also purchase Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel phones if you prefer less mainstream Cricket phones.

You won’t be able to purchase a Google Pixel straight through Cricket, though, if you’re a lover of the device. However, you can get a Google Pixel that is unlocked and set up your network that way.

The most well-known smartphones that work with Cricket are listed below.

How Well Is Cricket Playing?

It’s decent thanks to AT&T coverage.

Cricket’s main selling point will never be data speed, but the company’s service coverage is surprisingly strong overall. Because Cricket uses AT&T’s network, it provides the same level of coverage as a more expensive provider. At the moment, AT&T has 4G coverage throughout about 68% of the nation. 1

The only drawback is that in congested locations, AT&T subscribers may receive broadband speeds that are less important than yours. In other words, because AT&T’s network prioritizes its own users, your internet connection could suddenly stop working in a crowded Costco.

To get an idea of your coverage with Cricket Wireless, look at the map below.

cricket phones

Customer Service at Cricket

Just remember not to set yourself up for disappointment.

There is a tonne of terrible experiences2 with Cricket customer support representatives. So we made the decision to investigate.

Can we use an unlocked Google Pixel phone with our Cricket account? was our straightforward inquiry. Even though we were just on wait for a short while, the assistance we received was little.

We received confirmation that a Google Pixel is compatible with Cricket, but when we requested more details regarding how to make the transfer, we were simply instructed to “search online.”

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Although it’s possible that our employee was simply having a terrible day, we have found that Cricket’s customer support consistently lives up to the negative reviews.

Does Cricket Have Any Hidden Costs or Overage Charges?

If there weren’t some unadvertised costs, would it even be a wireless provider? Sadly, there are some extra Cricket fees to take into account.

The fees aren’t outrageous, but they are inconvenient. Who wants to fork over $25 for activation? Nobody, to be precise.

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What’s the Verdict on Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Wireless has affordable rates and respectable coverage, but the cost is slower internet.

If there’s one thing you remember from this Cricket review, it’s this rule:

Cricket Wireless: good coverage at a low cost with subpar internet.

Cricket is probably not the best hashtag for some people (like Instagram models), but it makes a lot of sense for people who want a phone over a smartphone.

  • Plans: Cricket has straightforward plans that rival those of other providers. There’s a considerable likelihood that Cricket will be your lowest choice, whether you want an unlimited plan or a family plan.
  • Coverage: If you live and work in a metropolis, you may anticipate adequate coverage thanks to Cricket’s use of AT&T’s network. But you’re out of luck if you’re in the country.
  • Speed: Cricket is hardly a Speed Racer with its download speed of 3 Mbps and streaming speed of 1.5 Mbps.
  • Customer Service: Cricket doesn’t have the finest customer service, but it can handle straightforward inquiries.


Cricket performs exactly as promised. It’s affordable, functional, and doesn’t provide lightning-fast internet. It’s the ideal phone for people who mainly use it for talking and texting and only occasionally for using apps.

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