How Does Consumer Cellular Work and Is It Worth It?

Consumer cellular, which targets the elderly and people who don’t use a lot of data, can help you save a lot of money compared to major carriers.

The target market for Consumer Cellular’s wireless service is senior citizens who favor affordable monthly phone rates over large data allotments.

However, don’t let your age prevent you from finding a good deal: switching to Consumer Cellular for your wireless requirements will undoubtedly result in a lower monthly charge, especially with new prices that provide you with more data and messaging for your money.

What you need to know about Consumer Cellular’s wireless service is provided here.

Which Network Is Used by Consumer Cellular?

At&t and T-Mobile Are the Two Gsm-Based Networks that Consumer Cellular Uses as A Backbone. Because of This, the Provider Has a National Footprint and Generally Reliable Service; in Fact, Both At&t and T-Mobile Received Top Marks in Our Most Recent Study of Network Speed Tests.

Your Data Won’t Be Slowed Down Because Consumer Cellular Delivers Full LTE Speeds. Your Speed Will Be Throttled if You Consume More than 20 Gb of Data in A Single Month, the Maximum Amount Allowed Under Consumer Cellular’s Data Plans, but This Is a Standard Practise for Carriers.

consumer cellular

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Which Mobile Devices Work with Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular Provides 21 Phones on Its Website, Including Cheap Flip Phones and Smartphones. the Doro Phone Easy 7050, One of Those Flip Phones, Boasts Evenly Spaced Buttons and An Emergency Call Button—features Aimed Toward Consumer Cellular’s Senior-Skewing Clientele.

The iPhone Xs and Galaxy Note 9 Are Among the Most Recent Flagships from Both Apple and Samsung that are Available. the 2017 Galaxy S8 Is Also Available, While Apple’s Range Goes Back to The iPhone 6s. a Variety of Low-Cost Devices Are Also Available, Including the Moto E5 Play.

Consumer Cellular Offers Interest-Free Financing for More Pricey Phones, Which Is Unusual Among Bargain Carriers. for Instance, if The Price of The iPhone Xs Puts You Off, You May Pay $400 Upfront Through Consumer Cellular and Then Spread the Remaining Cost Over the Next Two Years with $25 Monthly Instalments. (to Put Things in Perspective, T-Mobile Charges You $20.84 a Month, but That’s Spread out Over 36 Months, Even if You only Put Down $249.99.)

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If the Phones Offered by Consumer Cellular Don’t Appeal to You, You Are Welcome to Bring Your Own Unlocked Gsm Phone. You Won’t Be Charged by Consumer Cellular for A Sim Card.

Which Consumer Cellular Plans Are the Best?

Consumer Cellular Divides Its Plans Into Two Categories. While Connect Plans Handle Your Messages and Online Usage, Talk Plans only Cover Talk Time. You Can Combine the Two Elements to Create a Strategy that Best Suits How You Want to Use Your Phone.

consumer cellular

There Are Now Only Two Available Talk Plan Options. 250 Minutes of Call Time Are Available for $15 per Month. Or, for $20 per Month, You May Purchase Unlimited Speak if You Intend to Make More Phone Calls.

Every Choice in The Connect Plans Has Changed for The Better and Now Includes Unlimited Texting. Starter Data Packages Cost $5 per Month for 250 Mb of Data. the $20 Connect Plan with Its 5 Gb of Data Will Probably Be Plenty for You if You Use an Average Amount of Data, Such as 3 Gb Each Month. the Most Expensive Connect Plan Offered by Consumer Cellular Is $40 per Month for 20 Gb of Data and Unlimited Messages.

You Would Add the Talk and Connect Plans Together to Figure out Your Monthly Payment. You Would Pay $25 per Month for A Combined Plan that Included 2 Gb of Data, Unlimited Texts, and 250 Minutes of Call Time.

The Mix-And-Match Strategy Excels when You Set Minimal Restrictions on Your Talk or Connect Plans (or Better Yet, Both), but It Loses Its Appeal if You Require a Lot of Either. Before You Even Add a Call Plan, Choosing the 10 Gb Data Plan with Unlimited Texting, for Instance, Will Cost You $30 per Month.

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If You Choose Unlimited Talk, Your Monthly Cost Will Be $50. for Only $10 More, T-Mobile, on The Other Hand, Provides a Package for Consumers 55 and Older that Includes Two Phone Lines with Unlimited Speak, Text, and Data.

Connect Plan Data 250MB 2GB 5GB 10GB 20GB
Monthly Price $5 $10 $20 $30 $40

If You Discover that You Won’t Use as Much of Your Talk or Connect Plans as You Anticipated, Consumer Cellular Is Notable for Allowing You to Switch Plans Within a Billing Cycle. Consumer Cellular Offers an Automatic Upgrade if You Go Over Your Limit, Which Means It Will Advance You to The Next Tier of The Talk or Connect Plan to Reflect Your Overage.

What Unique Capabilities Can Consumer Cellular Provide?

For Aarp Members, Consumer Cellular Provides a Number of Savings. (the Carrier Has Partnered with Aarp Since 2008). Members of Aarp Receive a 5 Percent Monthly Bill Discount in Addition to A 30 Percent Discount on A Few Accessories.

You Have 30 Days, 300 Minutes, 300 Messages, or 300 Mb of Data to Test out Consumer Cellular’s Service, Whichever Comes First. There Are No Conditions Attached, so You Can Cancel at Any Time. 450 Minutes or A 45-Day Extended Trial Are Available to Aarp Members.

A Second Line Can Be Added for $15 per Line. (at Consumer Cellular, You Can Add More than Two Lines, but Doing so Necessitates Calling the Carrier’s Customer Support Line.) Just Be Aware that The Call, Text, and Data Allotments for Everyone on That Plan Will Come from The Same Source.

Consumer Cellular Offers International Calling, but There Can Be Extra Charges. when You Travel Abroad, the Provider Does Not Provide Coverage.

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Customer Feedback About Consumer Cellular Is Available.

Despite Receiving a Less than Favourable Number of Customer Ratings, Consumer Cellular Has an A+ Rating from The Better Business Bureau. Additionally Negative Are the Yelp Evaluations, Where the Carrier Has a 2-Star Rating out Of 5.

Consumer Cellular Receives a 6.8 out Of 10 Rating from Best Company.Com, Which Commends the Company for Its Affordable Prices and Selection of Instalment Plans but Cautions that Heavy Smartphone Users Might Find the Company’s Plans to Be Overly Restrictive.

Users Who Left Comments on Those Websites Said They Liked Consumer Cellular’s Affordable Pricing and Typically Gave Company High Marks for Customer Service.

However, Several Customers Complained About Lengthy Customer Care Hold Times, and Other Users Didn’t Like It When Their Carrier Moved Them to A New Tier if Their Speak, Text, or Internet Restrictions Were Met.

To Sum Up

There Are Many Things to Admire About Consumer Cellular, Starting with The Fact That It Utilises Two Expansive Gsm Networks. with The Carrier’s Monthly Payment Option, You Can Still Receive a Top-Of-The-Line Phone While Keeping Your Monthly Expenses in Check. the Carrier Has a Good Assortment of Phones. Special Features, Like the Capability to Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan if Your Monthly Needs Alter, Might Also Be Useful.

However, You Can only Save a Lot of Money with Consumer Cellular if You Use Your Phone sparingly, especially now that Sprint and T-Mobile are attempting to court seniors with their expensive unlimited plans.

You need to set a call time and data usage cap with Consumer Cellular in order to truly save money. The good news is that Consumer Cellular’s affordable rates can suit your needs if you don’t frequently check your smartphone for the newest news or text messages.

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