Complete List Of Little Miss Characters


Little Miss All-Goes-Well

The Little Miss series includes Little Miss All Goes Well. Little Miss Everything Works Out has a great life.


Little Miss Baby

Little Miss Birthday

The Little Miss series includes Little Miss Birthday. Like her brother, Mr Birthday, Miss Birthday loves birthdays. Little Miss Birthday has also been released with the name Madame Anniversaire (French).

Little Miss Bossy

The first Little Miss book is called “Little Miss Bossy.” Little Miss Bossy is very bossy, which is how she got her name. She is also as rude as Mr Uppity, so she gets a pair of boots that don’t listen to her because she is too bossy.

She was in season two of The Mr Men Show. Her hat is in a different place, and her flower doesn’t have a stem, so it’s stuck to the side of her hat. Her voice actors are Alex Kelly (UK) and Cheryl Chase (credited as Sophie Roberts). She has eyelashes like Little Miss Daredevil (US).

Little Miss Brainy

Little Miss Bad

Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss Brave

Little Miss Brilliant

Little Miss Busy-Body

Little Miss Busy


Little Miss Calamity

Little Miss Cawaii

Little Miss Careful

Little Miss Chatterbox

Christmas Little Miss

Little Miss Christmas is part of the Mr Men & Little Miss Celebrations series and the Little Miss series. Like her brother, Little Miss Christmas loves Christmas.

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Little Miss Christmas has a green triangle-shaped body, a yellow round nose, and red ponytails with holly leaves in them. She wears red gloves and red and white shoes in two different colours. Her brother, Mr Christmas, is the Mr Men to her Mr Men.

Little Miss Contrary

Little Miss Curious


Little Miss Daredevil

For The Mr Men Show, a new Little Miss character named Little Miss Daredevil was made. Little Miss Daredevil likes to push herself to the limit (and until Little Miss Bossy was added in season two, was unique in being the first Little Miss with eyelashes). Miss Daredevil likes fast cars, boats, bicycles, and rockets. She also has a collection of aeroplanes. On the funny side, her tricks usually hurt Mr Quiet (and once Miss Calamity), and Mr Quiet is usually the test subject for her experiments. Little Miss Daredevil had her game show called “I Dare You!” in the episode “Game Shows.” Her orange hair is mostly hidden by her crash helmet, but you can catch a glimpse of it in the episode “Gifts.”

Miss Daredevil’s voice is done by Katie Leigh in the US version and Teresa Gallagher in the UK version. Miss Daredevil is called Madame Supersonique in the French version, and Menina Destemida in the Portuguese version.

Little Miss DitzyLittle Miss Dotty


Little Miss Energy

Little Miss Explorer
The books have Little Miss Explorer in them. London Heathrow Airport ordered Little Miss Explorer (LHR).


Little Miss Fabulous

Little Miss Fashion

Little Miss Fickle

The 20th book in the Little Miss series is called Little Miss Fickle. Little Miss Fickle can never decide what to do. Miss Fickle tries to find a book, but she isn’t very good at it.

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Little Miss Fickle has also been called Madame Indécise in French, Unsere Ute Unentschieden in German, Juffertje Twijfel in Dutch, Shànbiàn Xioji in Taiwanese, Byeondeok Yang in Korean, o in Japanese, and o in Japanese (Greek).

Little Miss Fun


Little Miss Gap

Little Miss Giggles

Little Miss Ginger

Little Miss Greedy

The 13th book in the Little Miss series is called Little Miss Greedy. Little Miss Greedy eats as much for breakfast as her cousin, who is also named Miss Greedy.

Little Miss Greedy was first published as Little Miss Plump, but the name was changed after Hargreaves died. Maybe people thought the word “plump” was too rude. Part of the story also had to be changed to fit the new situation.

Little Miss Greedy has also been called Madame Dodue in French, Doa Rechoncha in Spanish, Pàng Dd Xioji in Taiwanese, in Greek, and Rosi Rundlich in German (German).


Little Miss Helpful

The seventh book in the Little Miss series is called “Little Miss Helpful.” Little Miss Helpful tries to help everyone, but she ends up making things worse. She tries to tie Mr Tall’s shoelaces but ends up tying both shoes together. Then, when Mr Happy gets sick, she tries to help him by getting cleaning supplies, but her head gets stuck in the bucket and she gets stuck in the fridge. Mr Happy tries to take the bucket off Miss Helpful’s head, but she falls into the lake instead.

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Little Miss Helpful got a new look on The Mr Men Show, a TV show from 2008. She still had the same personality, colour, and oval body shape, but now she had pigtails instead of mini-buns, strawberry blonde hair with green bows, and a green fanny pack. Her shoes were changed to green ones that looked like Miss Chatterbox’s, and her nose went from yellow to pink. “Just trying to be helpful!” was her catchphrase. Unlike her print character, she does give useful information, but sometimes it’s wrong or she says it at the wrong time. She also hurts Mr Men and Little Misses who aren’t very careful, like Little Miss Calamity, Mr Bump, Little Miss Whoops, and even Mr Quiet. In the US Dub, Little Miss Helpful has a Texan accent, but in the UK Dub, she has a neutral English accent. Katie Leigh, Jo Wyatt (season one), and Emma Tate give her a voice in the US and UK versions (season two).

Little Miss Helpful has also been called Madame Catastrophe in French, Mevrouwtje Behulpzaam in Dutch, Doa Servicial in Spanish, Unsere Hille Hilfsbereit in German, E in Greek, Doum Yang in Korean, Rèxn Xioji in Taiwan, and Menina Prestável in Portuguese (Portuguese).

Little Miss Hug

Little Miss Inventor

The 38th Little Miss book is called Little Miss Inventor. Little Miss Inventor is as smart as a button. She is very smart and can come up with the most amazing things for her friends. But the task of coming up with something for Mr Rude is stumping her for now. There was also a contest to make a machine that would help MrBump stop getting into accidents. The book had the best new ideas.

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Little Miss Inventor has a yellow round body, a blue nose, and green curly hair with tools and pencils in it. She has eyeglasses on.

Little Miss Inventor has also been called Madame Invention (in French), Miss Inventora (in Spanish), E (in Greek), and (in Japanese) (Hebrew).


Little Miss Jealous

The Little Miss series includes Little Miss Jealous. Little Miss Jealous is always and everywhere jealous.


Little Miss Kind


Little Miss Late

Little Miss Loud

Little Miss Loud is part of a set of books called Little Miss. Little Miss Loud lives in Loudland, and she is very loud, just like Mr Noisy. The book Little Miss Loud has also been called Madame Tintamarre (in French) and o (in Japanese) (Greek).

Little Miss Lucky


Little Miss Magic


Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Neat

The third book in the Little Miss series is called “Little Miss Neat.” Little Miss Neat is as clean as a pin, and she lives in Twopin Cottage. Mr Muddle comes to Miss Neat’s empty house when she goes on vacation. When MMrMuddle makes a cup of tea, he puts everything back where it doesn’t belong. Little Miss Neat can’t find anything when she gets home, and when she sits in a chair, forks, knives, and spoons that MMrMuddle put there poke her. Hargreaves says to the reader, “Next year, I don’t think Little Miss Neat will go on vacation. Do you? “.

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Little Miss Neat has also been called Madame Proprette (in French), Doa Ordenada (in Spanish), Unsere Sofie Sauberlich (in German), K (in Greek), Zhngjié Xioji (in Taiwanese), and Kkalkkeum Yang (in Korean).

Little Miss Penny

Little Miss Plump

Little Miss Pretty

Little Miss Pretty is one of the books in the Little Miss series. It used to be called Little Miss Vain. Prettyville is where Little Miss Pretty lives. She is so pretty that Little Miss Splendid would be envious of her.

Little Miss Pretty’s body is blue, her nose is yellow, her hair is yellow, and her cheeks are pink. Miss Pretty wears silver shoes, gloves, and a bow, and she carries a silver handbag that goes with her outfit.

Little Miss Pretty has also been published with the names Madame Coquette (in French) and o. (Greek).

Little Miss Prim

Little Miss Princess

Little Miss Proud

Little Miss Prudence


Little Miss Quick

The 23rd Little Miss book is called Little Miss Quick. Little Miss Quick is always in a hurry, just like Mr Rush. She didn’t even have time to finish putting a bow in her hair. Miss Quick does everything in town without much care.

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Little Miss Quick has also been published with the names Madame Vite-fait (in French) and o. (Greek).


Little Miss Scary

Scary Little Miss (Little Miss Spice Girls)
The Little Miss Spice Girls series includes Little Miss Scary. The character is based on Scary Spice from the pop group Spice Girls.

Little Miss Scatterbrain

Little Miss Shy

Little Miss Show-Off

The Little Miss series includes Little Miss Show-Off. Little Miss Show-Off is green. Her nose is red, her shoes are yellow, her gloves are blue, and her hat is yellow, blue, and pink. She doesn’t like to give anyone anything. She never thinks about anyone else but herself.

Little Miss Show-Off has also been called Madame Moi-Je (in French) and K (in Japanese) (Greek).

Little Miss Somersault

Little Miss Sparkle

Little Miss Splendid

Little Miss Sporty

Little Miss Star

Little Miss Stella

Little Miss Stella is part of a set of books called Little Miss. She is based on Stella McCartney, the daughter of rock star Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney. Stella is a fashion designer. As an invitation to a fashion show, only 1000 copies of the book were made. Little Miss Stella might be able to help Little Miss Nobody become someone.

Little Miss Stubborn

The 27th Little Miss book is called Little Miss Stubborn. In the Mr Men books, she is the most stubborn character. Little Miss Stubborn’s stubbornness was sometimes a good thing. Once, Mr Wrong told her not to take the right path fork, but she did, even though he meant not to take the left one. Little Miss Refusal ended up at MMrStrong’s house after a long trip with many stops in the wrong countries. She ate a huge omelette without his permission. Little Miss Refusal is impossible to stop because she doesn’t know when to give up.

Little Miss Stubborn has also been called Madame Têtue in French, K in Greek, Gùzh Xioji in Taiwan, Gojibse Yang in Korean, and Menina Teimosa in Portuguese (Portuguese).

Little Miss Sunshine


Little Miss Thrifty

Little Miss Tidy

Little Miss Tiny

Little Miss Trouble


Little Miss Valentine

Little Miss Valentine is part of a group of books called Little Miss. Valentine’s Day is Little Miss Valentine’s favourite day of the year. But nothing goes as planned as she writes and sends cards to her Mr Men and Little Miss friends. Soon, she and her friends realise that all they need is their friendship and love for each other (though a little chocolate never hurts!).

Little Miss Valentine stands for the Valentine’s Day holiday. She has a red body in the shape of a heart, a blue nose, freckles, and red hair in pigtails with yellow bows. Besides Little Miss Hug, Little Miss Valentine is the only other heart-shaped character.

Little Miss Voyager


Whoops, Little Miss

Little Miss Wise


Yes, Little Miss

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