Cobra kai season 5 Release date, Cast everything you need to know

Cobra kai is a comedy drama released on different OTT platforms. It is adopted from the movie- “The karate kid” and is produced by Katrin L. Goodson under the direction of Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. It’s first season was released on YouTube red whereas the second season was released on YouTube premium and the third on Netflix. The fourth season is likely to be released on Netflix, so viewers go grab a Netflix subscription to not to miss out your favourite series.

Jonny Lawrence is at rock bottom and is haunted by his wasted life as he as an unemployed handyman just after the thirty years after their final confrontation at the 1984 All Valley Karate tournament. Co- incidentally he find’s out a bullied boy in the streets of Miguel, and gets an idea of restarting the notorious dojo.

Cobra kai season 5: Release date-:

As per the official announcements of Netflix Cobra Kai is all set to be released on Netflix on September 9,2022.

After a long wait after the fourth season, all the fans of Cobras Kai are set to welcome the fifth season with vigorous screen adventures and thrilling stories of their favourite characters from the series.


Fans out there are biting their nails to know if the same cast is repeated in the next season of Cobra Kai. So, for them it is good news to know that, yes, Daniel, Jonny, Miguel, Samantha and Robby will be casted in the ongoing series. It’s really tough for the fans to imagine Cobra Kai without their favorite characters but they fear that not now. They are relieved.

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Spoiler of Cobra Kai season 5

As we know, Robby was in search of his father, so with no doubt he’ll continue with his search when soon the villains from the iconic films THE KARATE KID PART II and THE KARATE KID PART III will show up. Jonny and Robby would be taking a road trip, while Daniel and Cozen will team up for stopping Terry to open up a Cobra Kai dojo in every corner of California.  Most likely fans want’s Silver to show up in this season but that’s what’s just expected. It will be interesting to see if the story goes according to what the fans are assuming or the stones are completely turned around with some new theme and character. It would be fun to watch it out.


The thrilling trailer of Cobra Kai was released by Netflix on 11th august,2022 in India. The trailer is getting all the love and support from the fans of the series who are eagerly waiting for season 5.

So, the fans of Cobra Kai are all set and are waiting for the release of their favourite astonishing series with their love able characters to shower them with love and support. Also, it is suspensive to them of what would happen next in the story. So, their wait would finally end on September 9 with the release of season 5. Till then keep supporting the trailer.

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